Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spring of '13

I update once in a while!
 Life has been busy and fun. We're working on house projects daily. Except for days when I feel too overwhelmed, which seems to happen more often now than those "productive" days, but Ryan is working hard!

We celebrated our 8 year anniversary on June 10th. We drove down to St. George to spend a few days. It'll probably be the last time I go down there until I have this baby. Way too hot for me! The farther south we got, the more I started to swell.

The pregnancy has been going very well. This baby girl has been measuring right on time, in the 50th percentile. This initially concerned me as both my boys always measured WEEKS ahead, and were off the charts in length and weight. When they keep saying she's right on track I get concerned. Weird, huh? Anyway- just two days ago my finger got too big for my ring :( I seem to swell a bit at night, but it gets better throughout the day.

We're keeping our eyes open for preecclampsia signs, but so far everything has been going very well. I hope it stays that way! I would really like to go natural with this girl. I've had so much medical intervention with my first two pregnancies- if my body can stay healthy I would love to labor at home and just deliver at the hospital. I'm looking into hiring a Douala, and researching how to do it. Anyway- it all depends on if my body cooperates!

I have been experiencing pregnancy rhinitis. Basically, a stuffy nose since I've been pregnant. The cure? Have the baby. Looking forward to that one! My body wont allow me to sleep more than 7 hours, and if you happen to be by my house at 4 in the morning, I'm guaranteed to be awake walking around attempting to clear my congestion.

Anyway- enough about the pregnancy... here are some pictures of the last few months..

We went to Lagoon with Gma and Gpa Boo! The boys had lots of fun. Alex was exhausted but determined to ride all the rides that Jayden did. Including the ladybug DROP. He was stoic the entire ride.
Ry with Alex
Ry with Jay
Gma Boo with the boys
Jayden went on his FIRST roller coaster, he was super nervous, and Ryan chose the FIRST car for them. Way to break him in easy, Ryan....
Enjoying shaved ice, and getting it EVERYWHERE.

Enjoying amazing sunsets
The boys showing off their hats from daddy- see that messy room in the background? That's supposed to be baby girl's room...
And here she is, all snug in my belly, with her hand covering her face and her legs and feet coming up to her face.

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Erica said...

Love the card :) And those are two cute boys you have!