Sunday, April 10, 2011

The last few weeks

Lots to update! I'll start with Alex... hopefully soon I will update more often and won't have so much to say!

Alex was blessed last month. We did it on a Saturday, and just had family come. We are so lucky to have most of our family, near and extended, and on both sides, so close to us. We filled half of our church's gym and it was so neat to have everyone there. It really gave me a huge appreciation for eternal families. I should have gotten more pictures- but I was too busy running around :) Luckily, my cousin was around to capture some precious moments!

It was a beautiful blessing given by his daddy.

Alex has become a screamer. So much for "mellow". A lot of it has to do with gas bubbles that get stuck in him. After some bouncing and a good burp or two, and he calms down.
He doesn't seem to have a lot of patience. Some of you may be saying, "what baby does?" but Jayden did! It has been quite the adjustment trying to figure out this new personality. Jayden didn't cry when he was a baby... Maybe he did, but it never lasted. I remember his pediatrician looking perplexed when I told him he cried less than 5 minutes a day after she asked about his "fussy time". Shots, falling off the bed... down the stairs... pinching fingers in doors.. all it took was a cuddle from mommy and he was fine. I thought I was an amazing mom. Then, I had Alex :)
When he's mad, he'll let you know. And no comfort from me will cure him. When he's hungry, there is no warning, he just starts screaming. And don't you dare ignore him for a minute, or you will be suffering the consequences for many, many minutes. So he's my little reality check. Luckily he's super cute, and I love him to pieces! :)

At his two month appointment he weighed in at 13 pounds! --95% He was 75% in height, and has a small head. He's quite the chunker, and I LOVE his big rolls.

He is now 3 months old. He loves to be held standing. He just started laughing a couple of days ago. He likes to babble (when he's not crying, mind you). He hates his carseat. He spits up about 6 times a day, and gets the hiccups daily.

My boys. I love em.

Jayden has been a busy boy learning to use the potty. It has been 5 days, and he has been doing great. I have been putting it off until Alex started sleeping through the night (which he has been doing since 8 weeks, except for three nights, yay for big babies!) but, then I just didn't have the energy. I was expecting it to be a huge ordeal. I had tried earlier last year, and gave up after a few hours. But it has been pretty easy. He's still having a rough time going #2, but he will do it if he's doesn't have anything (Diaper, pullups, underwear) to catch it. So call before you come over, because it's likely Jayden is running around in the nude. ;)
He has been cracking us up a lot. I was so looking forward to this age, because I think the things 2 and 3 year olds say are so funny.
Here are some things I remember...
Jayden was praying "... and bless the food, and thank you for these chips ::unfolds arms, grabs a chip and sticks it in his mouth:: because they are delicious"
A few days ago I was telling Jayden he needed to sit on the potty, to which he responded "Honey, I told you already. I dont have to use the potty"
One thing I LOVE about Jayders is that he is very polite. I have never sneezed within hearing distance of Jayden without getting a "bless you". He always says "thank you" or "you're welcome" ... and he apologizes all the time. When we apologize to him he always says, "It's okay, don't worry about it."

A couple of weeks ago he was running in the kitchen barefoot. I was in the family room feeding Alex. I heard Jayden land pretty hard on the floor. I waited to see if I would hear a cry, or if he would just get up. After about 20 seconds I hear, "Don't worry mom, Im okay down here." Then he came down to inform me he slipped in the mud. I don't know where he got it from, but whenever he trips he says he slipped in the mud. I should probably teach him what mud is.

Ryan's big project this last month was putting up a shed. It's pretty huge, it'll be nice! Big thanks to his dad who helped him build it.

And my big project has been losing weight! Im counting calories for the first time in my life, and it's really paying off. Im losing about 2 pounds a week and made it to my pre pregnancy weight 2 weeks ago. I still want to lose twenty more pounds, and I'm hoping this 2 pound a week trend doesn't stop! I'll post some before and after pictures once I get to the "after" I want! :) It has all been done with counting calories, Lindsay Brin's bootcamp, wii fit, and wii zumba. Im feeling pretty good :)

This month we're hoping for some nice weather so we can finish moving some stuff from our garage to our shed. We'll celebrate my birthday in St. George, and enjoy the warmth!! Hopefully Jayden will be 100% on the potty. Ryan may be going on a two week business trip (sad day :( ). And Im thinking about painting our kitchen cabinets. We'll see what gets done :)


Tricia said...

Great update! Good luck with the potty training. Alex is adorable!

sharon. said...

Your boys are adorable! Man, we could really use a shed on our yard, I would love to store all my crap in it. Ha ha. I bought a Groupon for Zumba and am excited to give it a try! I haven't had a kid so I have zero excuse for my extra lbs :/

Camille said...
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Camille said...

Your little Alex has what our family refers to as "second child syndrome." My first son was like Jayden, very mellow. He only cried when he was hungry or needed a diaper change. The rest of the time, he was a happy baby, content with his world. Our second child screamed 24/7 for six months straight. My husband worked the swing shift which meant that I was home alone with the baby and the two year old every night. I walked the floor with my baby every night for 2-3 hours, nursing him the whole time. He would pull away and start screaming if I stopped walking. I couldn't even sit in the rocking chair, I had to be up walking him.
Then he got only slightly better during the next six months. By the time he was eight months old, I weighed only 94 pounds.
When Katie (my daughter) had her first baby, he was also very mellow and happy. I would just smile at her and tell her to enjoy him because not all babies are like that. Sure enough, her second child was a little terror.
These children do not change their personalities as they get older. They are a lot of fun, if very challenging, to raise. They are so bright that they can think of amazing things to do - usually things you don't want them to do. However, they will keep you laughing at their antics. They are fearless. There is nothing in the house that they will not climb on top of. This includes the refrigerator and cupboards. They usually conquer both of these before they are two. Do Not encourage Alex to walk. Once he does, there will be no stopping him! Your hardest job will be protecting him from himself as he explores his world. Keep a journal of both of your boys. You will forget the cute things that they say and do. But, Alex's will be good to have around when he or Jayden have their second child.
I have seven boys and I adore them all. They are so much fun. You won't need to worry about doing zumba to lose weight, you will be constantly hopping and always on the run. But, your life will be so much fun. Your home will be filled with boys as their friends come over to play and come to recognize your house as THE place to be because you and Ryan are such neat people.
Do keep a separate journal for each boy. They will love reading them when they get older.

4/11/11 9:25 AM

Erica said...

What a wonderful, stupendous, talented, AMAZING, and somewhat humble cousin you have!!!

Oh, and your kids are cute, too, I guess ;)

Andi and Jimmy said...

Ah Tiff, you are just great!

Amy said...

Your kids are so beautiful! What a (crazy) fun time!

jaimie said...

Thank you for doing the blessing post :) Now I feel like I was there. Tiffany, I loved Jayden's potty video on facebook! ha ha, I potty trained the Millers little girl Erin the other week. Pooping is such a big deal for these kids! what the heck! lol

dave + kirst said...

fun reading up on what's new with you tiff! cute, cute baby alex. i bet he's so fun. i'm getting there! week 27 today!

and i LOVE the pictures of your cat... seriously love the shave job :)