Friday, February 25, 2011


February has been a busy, but very fun month.

Ryan went out of town for the first time since Alex was born. THANKFULLY my mom came up here to stay and help while he was gone. She pretty much rescued me. Me+not much sleep= DANGER!!!
Jayden loved having Grandma Boo around to play with.

We finished our taxes, and made plans to get out of debt in 3 years. (Hopefully less!)

We got a lot of medical bills from Alex's delivery. Curse you NICU! :(

Alex started babbling and smiling, My favorite stage!

We went up to Heber for a couple of days for a fun getaway!

We went down to St. George hoping for a WARM getaway... but it snowed... IN ST. GEORGE! What the heck. It was a lot of fun none the less. And I want to find some friends who know how to play Dominion- because I learned how to play- and I cant stop thinking about it. Jayden got to play with all of his cousins and had a ball.

I got my all clear to exercise again. Now I seriously need to lose some weight! C'mon motivation... come on!

Alex is now seven weeks old. He has been such a blessing for our family. He is such a mellow guy, and thank goodness for that because Jayden enjoys growling in his face. For the love.

Jayden is really into dinosaurs and tigers lately. He in fact IS a dinosaur or tiger most of the day. Which would be great except he doesn't speak to people... he growls. Loudly. Im hoping this stage will end quickly.

We are anxiously waiting for Spring!!!!

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