Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentines Weekend

We had a great Valentines Day! Not only did I get to spend it with my three favorite guys, but with some great friends as well.
Our friend's family own a cabin in Heber, and invited a few families to come spend the weekend. It was a lot of fun.
There were a lot of babies:

And a few toddlers.

The girls made a fancy Valentines evening for the guys (No help from me- I WISH I was that creative!)
(Photo courtesy of Ariel's talent!... as well as decor. Man that girl is talented!)

We made goodies for the guys. You know how they say to get to a man's heart?...

And the guys surprised us with babysitting, a warm foot soak, feet pampering supplies, and some quality girl time. None of which I got pictures of :(

Jayden and I attempted sledding again this year. It was a disaster last year, he was terrified. We were making really good progress. Half way down the hill (It was a loooong hill) Jayden even started to smile.
Two girls (you know who you are!! ;) ) came down really fast on out of control tubes each crashing into our sled. Increasing our speed, and eventually turning us backwards. Jayden screaming, "Hellllpppp Meeeeeeeeeeee Mommmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!" As we finished speeding down the hill backwards. Maybe we'll try again next year. :)

We ended Valentines Day watching Brad kick Michelle off the bachelor (yes!)
And I was pleasantly surprised with some beautiful red roses and yummy chocolates. Love my husband.

Thanks for an amazing weekend! It was a lot of fun!!!

Let's end with this stud:


Camey said...

You look so good in that picture! Haven't seen you in forever!

Tricia said...

What a great weekend! Your kiddos are adorable. :)