Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Cat

Meet Shadow. Due to old age (thats what the groomer said, but she's only 5!) she stopped grooming herself. She has turned into a big matty moppy mess. Her matted hair got to the point where we couldn't get them out. We decided to take her to our animal groomer to see if they could comb them out. They said they had "special" tools.
Well, it was too hard, even for them, to get the matts out. So they shaved her. Now she kind of looks like a poodle. Im glad they were creative. My favorite is her Q-tip tail. Oh and her fur boots... AND she look like 30 pounds thinner now!


sharon. said...

CUUUUUTE! We just got a cat, and we just adore her!!

Richard and Kayla said...

love it. poor kitty....