Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jayden turns TWO

Time is flying by... Our little man turned two on the 16th of July. He has been such a blessing in our life. We're so grateful for the great kid he is. We just got his two year stats:

*He is still off the charts in height
*He is in the 70% in weight... I think that's the most he has ever been
*And is consistently staying in the 50% for head circumference... why do they measure that anyway?

We had a couple of family parties for his birthday. We debated having a party with his buddies, but he is so shy I don't think it would have turned out well.
Ryan and I celebrated with him on Friday. We bought a lot of small gifts and let him open them throughout the day. He loved that.
I decided to be creative and try to make him an Elmo breakfast... yeah- he hates breakfast so he could have cared less but I thought it was fun. Maybe my next child will be more appreciative :)
We had chinese food, and cupcakes to end the day. I had a really cute video of Jayden blowing out the candles... but I accidently deleted it... DANG IT.

On Saturday we had Ryan's family over... well his parents because no one else could make it. I did something I will probably NEVER do again - I made his cake. I bought an elmo mold... frosting tips.... lots of powdered sugar and dye... 5 hours later.... I almost cried when we cut it all up... Jayden isn't a big cake, cookie, or other amazingness fan so he didn't eat it. But hopefully he can look back on pictures and think I was a pretty cool mom.

He was pretty excited about his cool new powerwheels from Grandma and Grandpa. Sometimes uncertain, he's starting to get the hang of it. Please excuse this horrible video... half the time I must have forgotten the camera was going. So please.. enjoy my feet

On Sunday we went down to my parents house and celebrated Jayden's birthday there with Great Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles, normal Aunts and Uncles (haha), and 2nd cousins. I'll admit I was a little worried about how he would handle so many people, but he did pretty well. He was in heaven opening gift after gift. He's loving his trucks, books, and ball. My mom made had a bubbles theme, which right now is one of his favorite things in the whole world. I'll probably be more appreciative of it when I don't have to go outside every night to blow BUBBLES!!!!


Amy said...

My goodness he's a handsome little man.

And HOLY CAKE BATMAN! That is sweet.

Eva said...

Your cake looks great!!! Jayden is getting so cute and big!!

Amber said...

Sorry we couldn't make it to Jay's party. Sure looks like it was "Elmo"=rific. Cute cake and isn't amazing what we go through to make our kids happy.

Chris and Tara said...

I am so impressed with your cake making abilities. Elmo turned out fantastic! And I love the Elmo pancake. I actually think it's even more impressive because you made it up on your own. Well done!