Wednesday, October 7, 2009

:) Sorry

With my last post I wasn't meaning to call out for help or make anyone feel burdened to help. Writing is very therapeutic for me. And sticking it out in the world wide web... Maybe not such a good idea. :)
Today (technically yesterday) was a better day. I felt like I had more strength. I prayed for strength... and I got it. So maybe I shouldn't be so stubborn?
I feel better today. I am happier. I know things will get easier with time. And I have that to look forward to. Jayden was an angel today and made me laugh all day long. We sure are blessed to have such an easy going guy. I love both my boys with all my heart.
I sure like to sleep. But I know you can survive on little sleep. And people do it all the time. And I can too.
I just want to say I love all of you. Thank you for caring. For worrying about us. For wanting to help. For praying. It really helps us. And we appreciate it so much. If there was one good thing to come out of this whole thing it was to feel this amazing love from others and have an appreciation we have never felt before. Thank you :) ... We're praying for God to bless you many times daily so don't be surprised... you know- Im just saying... if things start turning out really good for you. ;)


Amy said...

I'm glad things look/feel better today (or yesterday....whatever) and please remember we're all praying for you too. So don't be surprised..... :)

Seriously? Call me if I can help in ANY way. At all. Ever.

Stephenson and Katie said...

Tiff you're so cute :) I'm glad you had a better day.... I work the next 3 days, but after that, Beckham wants a playdate with Jayden. He told me :) And maybe, you can sleep during it! LOve ya!

Brady and Gretchen said...

You are the sweetest. I totally understand the need to vent :) It is a reliever and you don't need to feel sorry :) I'm glad you are having a better day and we are always around to help you with whatever you need!