Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Race

On Monday the 13th of August there were two races... Husband against Wife :) Husband won the first. Wife won the second (more important one- Go Gina!) ;)
Here is some video and pictures of the race. I wasn't able to catch the end of the last race because my camera's memory card reached it's limit half way through. Darn it. I wish I had caught the look of determination on Gina's face towards the end. It was perfect.

The cool shirts the guys are wearing are courtesy of Mr. Dobson. ;) As is Tara's and Jayden's shirt. Everyone looked great! :)
It was fun-- will there be a rematch??

1 comment:

Chris and Tara said...

OH MY HECK! Why has no one told me how incredibly stupid I sound when I'm yelling, shouting or just talking. I will never speak again. Ü

(I actually had to stop the video because I was so annoying. My apologies to everyone.)