Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big trouble...

Jayden is at the age where he is into everything. I was so looking forward to the age where he was mobile- and able to entertain himself. Now we have to keep an eye on him 24-7. Toys and things I never thought could be dangerous- he has shown me can indeed be dangerous.
Since Jayden burnt his hand with my curling iron I haven't let him out of my sight. And it's a darn good thing- you should see some of the things he has tried to swallow!
I mentioned before that Jayden's sleeping habits have been absolutely nuts lately. I've seriously tried everything- and Im guessing he's teething and hoping when that is said and done things will be different.
Which brings me to tonight's incident: Please don't report me!! (Or Ryan.. although I might...)

It was just past midnight. Ryan was over at a friend's house helping set up their monstrous TV and surround sound system. I was here, in our office, working- and Jayden was sleeping in his room. Jayden woke up just as I got a call. He cried for about 15 minutes while I tried to finish the call I was on. By the time I got in his bedroom he was wide awake. I fed him and put him back down hoping he would fall back asleep (he usually does).
Not this time- he started screaming bloody murder as soon as I let him go. I sent Ryan text telling him he needed to come back home as Jayden was awake and I was supposed to be working. Ryan came home shortly thereafter - and took Jayden. I shut the office door and continued to work for the next hour and a half, figuring Ryan had control of things.
At 1:30 AM I took my lunch. Jayden's door was shut so I assumed Ryan had put him back to bed... I peeked in Jayden's room but he wasn't in his crib. I checked our bedroom. No Ryan.. No Jayden. So I went downstairs.
Ryan was laying in the middle of the family room on a blanket surrounded by Jayden's toys. Jayden was not by him. My blood started pumping. I looked around the room over and over trying to figure out where Jayden was. I started yelling Ryan's name... it took 5 yells and two kicks (yes that's mean- but it was an emergency and he wasn't responding) to wake Ryan up. Which got Jayden's attention who, after making a noise, I realized was sitting behind our papusa chair. Cornered between that and our fireplace shoving wires from our speakers in his mouth... at 1:30 in the morning. Wide awake.
On the one hand- I cannot believe Ryan fell asleep while watching Jayden (Deep deep sleep- remember I had to kick him twice for him to wake up!) But I am so grateful that Jayden is safe. (From what I can tell) ... I cannot believe he was unsupervised for so long and I'm really frustrated... I guess we'll see if anything crazy comes out in his poop. But he is breathing...
Just had to get this all off my chest. It is now 2:15 am Jayden is finally sleeping. In our bed- with his daddy. And I better go stick him in his crib before he wakes up and crawls off the bed.



Andi and Jimmy said...

I'm feeling you baby! Brooklyn is a never-ending disaster right now :). Just hang in there, they get worse before they get better (wait til he's walking) but they're so much fun at that age. But yes, totally and utterly exhausting.

Marianne said...

I had a couple of times when I was in my first trimester with McKenna and I literally could not stay awake for the life of me. I would be sitting there reading or something and watching JJ (who was a toddler at the time) and the next thing I would know I would suddenly start awake and it would be like 15 minutes later. Really, I was physically incapable of staying awake!
My (unsolicited) advice is to let Jayden cry. If you really stick to a strict schedule it won't take long at all for him to get it down. It is so hard though!

Brady and Gretchen said...

Oh no....Im getting scared for the crawling.. :)

utahcribs said...

poor Ryan, I hope he doesn't read this... :)

Chris and Tara said...

You had to kick him? You didn't tell me that part. That's pretty crazy.