Friday, February 20, 2009

Help my mom!!!

My mom is amazing! :)
Growing up- my mom would read a book, and as soon as she was done I would read it. We loved to read :)
Some books were great. And some... so-so.
My mom had an amazing idea for a website (which she put together herself!!!) She got a bunch of LDS authors on board- and 5 days a week... she'll send you the first few pages of a featured book.
I can usually tell by the first few pages whether or not I like a certain book. So my mom thought it would be helpful. :)
Anyway- so this is just starting from scratch- but I think it's an awesome idea. I wanted to spread the word. Please go check out her website and sign up to get the "Daily Chapter"

Below is the note from my mom: :)


I wanted to take moment and let you know about a website that I just completed. It's at It's a site dedicated to promoting and selling books by LDS writers. One of the most exciting features is called Daily Chapter. When you go to the site and sign up, you can receive the first twenty-five pages of a different book each week. Five to six pages sent directly to your email, five days a week with no cost to you.

If you're like me, you can usual tell by the first ten or twenty pages whether or not you are going to like a book and this way you can find out before purchasing the book. If you do like what you've read, you can purchase the book right from the email or from links on my website.

I've got some really top LDS writers such as H.B. Moore, J. Scott Savage, Jennie Hansen and Jason Write lined up, as well as some really exciting authors who are new or not as well known. And you can quit whenever you like.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, please go on the site and sign up now. The first book will be coming out on Monday

In order to make this successful I have to get the word out. If you go on the site and like what you see, could you forward this email to people on your contact list who might be interested in this service?

Thanks in advance for helping me out with this



Kristen and Tyson Cramer said...

That's a cool site idea. I'll have to check it out!

Yeah, we tried bribing Miles with just about everything when he was trying to crawl. He finally just took off! Now we feel so bad when he works so hard to crawl over to a forbidden object (ie the thumb drive sticking out of my husband's laptop) and we have to take it away from him. :( Fortunately he's still easy to distract, and is very laid back about the whole thing.

Does Jayden scoot himself backward at all? Miles would get himself wedged under our couches.

Sue said...

Okay, if you love to read so much how come we never see you at book club? You should come tomorrow (even if you haven't read the book). It is at Kirstin's house at 7:00pm. :)

I love your mom's idea and just signed up - glad you let us know!