Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At last

On Presidents Day (a week and a half ago) RC Willey was having a great sale on these table and chairs. We had been wanting a new table and chairs for a while, and this was not a deal we could pass up.
It was a doorbuster and Ryan's mom was nice enough to drive me up to the store Monday morning (I had worked the night before- and my driving skills weren't up to par). The ad said "20 sets per store" ... so I wanted to be there as soon as they opened.
I finally found it- and purchased it. I asked if it would be okay if my husband picked it up later that evening. "Of course!" She had said. After talking to Ryan on the phone he said he would rather pick it up on his way home from work the next day- so that's what I arranged. She assured me there would be no problem with that.
Tuesday Ryan went 30 minutes out of his way to pick up the set only to find out they didnt have any. But they assured Ryan they would have it the next day. We were dissapointed- but I was kind of glad cause it gave me time to put our old table, chairs, bench and barstools on KSL.

SOLD within the hour. Seriously. I was so excited. There was nowhere to sit and eat breakfast that morning, and I stood. But it was okay- we would get our table and chairs later that day.. right?

Wrong :) We have had all this empty space in our kitchen for a week and a half. I am sick of eating dinner on the couch. We got excuse after excuse every single day. And everyday we were told it would be ready the next day. (Except for Friday- when they said it would be there on Monday).

Anyway this afternoon- "At Last" our table and chairs have arrived. And Ryan has been working over 3 hours trying to get the set together. Hopefully not TOO much longer :) We don't recommend RC Willey... but I do love KSL


Nikki Taylor said...

KSL is seriously the BEST website ever to sell stuff! I am not a HUGE fan of RC Willey either but I am so glad you FINALLY got your stuff! How frustrating!!

Walkers said...

haha how funny... well not so much for you since you had to do the standing.
that happened to us... only it was only for a day, and we got our new table from ikea... so i guess that didn't really happen to us, except for the standing part and eating on the couch thing. :]

Stephenson and Katie said...

LOVE ksl!! I can't wait to see the table! Since I pretty much can't leave my house, post pics for me :)

Marianne said...

I want to come over and see your house and your puppies sometime! I've never really seen what the houses in our neighborhood are like on the inside.

Sue said...

What an ordeal! I'm glad you finally got them and I too love KSL. Sold my car within 24 hours - it was awesome!

Sue said...

RYC: I just got the book back and the library actually never checked it out to me (don't know how that happened!) so if you want to borrow it you certainly can. I figure I have another week before it would officially be due. :)

Amy said...

I hate waiting for furniture to come. I'm pretty sure that's what hell is. Waiting for furniture...while folding archive boxes. Ew. I'm glad it came though!

Elise & Ty said...

My brother bought some couches from RC Willey last year - his story was close to IDENTICAL to yours. SAD - sorry to hear it, but I'm glad you've finally got your stuff! Can't wait to see the finished product! :)

And yes, three cheers for KSL!!!