Saturday, January 3, 2009

The new year

This year marks the 5th year I have been blogging :) I haven't always blogged with 'blogspot'. Xanga was my first blog world. Every New Years Eve I would scan my blog entries of the year before. It was always neat to reflect on the things that happened that year- and to see how much had happened in one year. I'm so grateful I have been blogging for so long because it's always entertaining for me to read about the things of my past, and realize how inexperienced I was :) I'm sure years from now I'll look back on these posts of the last couple of years and laugh at my inexperience and priorities.
These last few nights I have been trying to remember stories and experiences of my past. I'm kind of bummed because as I'm getting older my memory is getting... 'grainier'. And I know it's just going to get worse. I did have a journal when I was a child- but it basically consisted of how much I liked the boyfriend I never talked to. Or how mad I was at my brother/mom/dad/best friend :) Not of my first wipe out on my bike- or my first dog (who sadly passed away last week :( )
So friends and family- bear with me. A goal I set for myself is to attempt to blog daily (Yes this is an unrealistic goal for me- but I'll give it a shot) a memory of my past. I'll still try to keep you updated on the significant stuff that happens this month. And I do apologize for the snore fest :)
Eventually, I would like to print out all of my blog posts, and type and print all of my journal entries and stick it in a huge binder... and put it on a memory stick for my children, and posterity to read. I start working graveyard shift tomorrow- so hopefully it'll be slow and maybe I can work on typing up my old journal entries?
Now that that has been said-

Since I think New Years Eve is a significant event- Here is what we did:
I worked until 7 pm which was lame. Work was slow. Ryan's mom IMed me and invited us to Texas Roadhouse when I got off work. We had a reservation at 7:15 and were not seated until 8:30. Past Jayden's bedtime :) But the food and company was good. Jayden was well behaved although very tired- he was too distracted by all the people around to whine. We got home around 10- and put Jayden to bed. At that point WE were ready for bed :) We went hot tubbing in the backyard which didn't help the sleepiness. We drank sparkling cider and watched ABC's recap of the NY Time Square festivities. As soon as the ball dropped- we went to bed. And we were tired all day Thursday!! :)

Hope everyone has a great New Year!


Amy said...

Sounds like a party to me! I, for one, am excited to read your old memories! Where are you working graveyards?

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