Monday, December 22, 2008

Are you kidding me?????

I don't know what happened but in 2008 when Ryan and I were trying to pick out a name for our baby boy- we were looking for something unique. Not TOO unique but something not on the top 100 of baby names. I also wanted a name that had a cool 'meaning'. We were looking and Jackson and Jayden.... but Jackson with our last name didn't go so well. We chose to name him Jayden. Meaning: Called of God. My brother called me on Saturday with this news:

Whether you're looking for a popular baby name or one that's unique, it's helpful to see what other parents are choosing. Check out our list of the top baby names of 2008, and click on names to see baby name meanings, similar names, popularity over time, and more.

Note: To capture true popularity, our exclusive baby names list combines names that sound the same but have multiple spellings (like Aden, Aiden, and Ayden). Our data comes from hundreds of thousands of parents who shared their baby's name with us in 2008.

Girls Names - Boys Names
1 Emma - Aiden
2 Sophia - Jayden
3 Madison - Ethan
4 Isabella - Jacob
5 Olivia - Caden

NUMBER 2 NAME OF 2008?!?!?!?! How the heck did that happen? He's going to be like one of 4 Jaydens in his class..


Chris and Tara said...


Collin and Rachel said...

I actually know a few Jaydens. Don't be too upset. I went to school with 5 Rachels. 3 of us had last names that started with the same letter so we couldn't just be Rachel W, we had to go by our entire names. Yeah, that was confusing. But I turned out ok.

Ariel said...

i saw that on msn the other day and thought of you :) i don't know any other jaydens.

Blanck said...

I don't know any other jayden's either. Hey I don't see t bone or willy on the top of the list. What happened?

Erik and Katherine said...

I hate to say it but that's exactly what I thought when you guys announced you were naming him that. I know a couple of Jayden's and 1 of them is in his 20's! Sorry it's not the original name you thought it was. But you can't picture him as anything else now can you? He'll still be your little Jayden.

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