Monday, July 7, 2008

37 weeks...

Well I have been hoping to get a picture of "37 weeks" I just haven't gotten around to it. Life is a lot more difficult being 9 months pregnant. My to-do list has been staring me in the face for weeks and is taking FOREVER to check off.
Before due day:
x Clean out closet in Baby's room
_ Buy last minute items
_ Shampoo carpets (one room done- three more to go)
_ Clean windows (I'm not anticipating this one happening)
_ Detail car (Vacuum, dust, shine)
_ Take Bella to the groomers
_ Take lamaz class (Sadly- this one will never get done due to Ryan's schedule)
_ Buy camcorder
_ Write up instructions for taking car of dog while we're in hospital
_ Groom cats (Not looking forward to this one)
_ Freeze some meals
x Get books from library
_ Get hair done (Appointment on Saturday!!)

On top of that I'm trying to keep the house clean. It has been deep-cleaned- and I'm just trying to keep it up- which unfortunately takes the majority of the day. I'd like to clean the inside of the fridge and vacuum under the furniture but Im trying to be realistic. :)

So I had my Dr. Appointment today. Finally!!! Wasn't as great as I had hoped it would be. I went in with a high blood pressure. The nurse freaked out and made me lay on my side for a while. Doctor came in and - "Eh- it's no big deal. There's no protein in her urine so she's okay." Protein in urine + high blood pressure = preeclampsia. Which is really really dangerous towards the end of a pregnancy.
He checked my area down under. And OUCH!! Apparently my cervix is soft, the baby is head down, and Im a "fingertip dilated". I asked him what this all meant. He just said it was good. Very "promising"
So I brought up induction. I would like to be induced for a number of reasons. One- I'm high risk so I don't see the purpose in going full term when things seem to be going very well so far. Two- I DONT want to deliver a really big baby. Three- My blood sugars are getting harder and harder to control the closer Im getting to D-Day. Four- Ryan doesn't have any PTO, so I would like to be able to have the baby over a weekend so Ryan could be with me and we wouldn't be losing $250 a day for emotional support.
Did my Dr. care??? NO! All of a sudden he's about "all natural". Saying I should be able to deliver a 10-11 pound baby if needs be. He said "I don't want you to go full term since you're high risk- so if you haven't had the baby naturally by July 28th we'll induce you." July 28th... three days before my due date (My third due date mind you). And a Monday. Perfect.
Is it too late to change doctors????
So I will be praying that little Jayden comes early. Any ideas on inducing labor? Anyone?

Anyway- after my appointment I met my mom. I love my parents!!!! She bought me an adorable baby swing:

I picked this one since it's pretty unisex- and if we have a girl later we can still use it :)
She also got me a cute diaper bag, baby sheets for the crib, AND for the bassinet. AND a mattress cover for the crib mattress.
Not only that but she quilted for the first time and made Jayden an airplane quilt. It's so cute.
Thank you mom and dad!!! It has helped us out so much.

Linens n' Things was having a close out sale so I bought a lamp shade for Jayden's room. And I stopped by the mall to get some See's chocolate. :)

That is the latest here... please pray I go into "natural labor" soon. :)


Joanna said...

I will be hoping and praying for you. Life is truly crazy before giving birth. I don't know of any good ideas to start labor but if I hear any I will let you know.

Tyler and Thais said...


Chris and Tara said...

ROFL! I love the comment above me. One word. No more explanation needed. It's fabulous. Ü
Good luck with your to-do list. Maybe this weekend I can come help with the fridge cleaning or something. Thanks for your help today.
Oh, and I forgot to ask... what's going on with your bank and that mysterious purchase in South Jordan? Have they put the money back into your account yet?

Gina said...

That sucks your doc won't induce you should've went with my doc, she believes no baby should be delivered on or after 40 weeks. ;) and I love the swing...they're lIFE SAVERS. Great investment. Hang in there.

Jess said...

Hi Tiffany! It's Jessica Hale. I linked over from Collin and Rachel's blog. Your page is so cute! I hope you don't mind if I keep checking back.

jamirodana said...

Oh, this is hard but somehow it always works out for the best. I will pray you have it on a Friday evening though.
And yes, sex. Good luck.

-Wes and ValaRee- said...

Oh boy! I can't believe they won't start you earlier! That's ridiculous! Crazy man!! Just remember...what doesn't get done before the baby comes is really no big deal, so don't kill yourself over trying to do it ALL.

tracylayne said...

Oh man, hang in there girl you are almost there!! My poor sister in law had a Dr. just like yours... no sympathy. Rude! I am sending you many labor inducing wishes!

PS Scratch "make frozen meals" off your list woman!! I can do that!! I will bring them by like next week

Anonymous said...

"Thais" hit the nail one the head. That works, our little baby came early after a romantic night :). Not to side with your Doctor but they have found that inducing before you are ready has a much higher risk of C-section. He is trying to save you heartache in the long run. Good luck. I hope everything works out wonderful for you. Hang in there. I love your Blog!