Saturday, June 21, 2008

CrAzY life...

It has been such a long time since I have blogged. I feel really bad because I know Im going to want to look back some day and remember the last couple of months before the baby and Im not journaling or blogging. Life has been absolutely nuts. I don't even know where to begin!! :)
First off- Ryan's job:
Ryan was put on a "leave of absence". We were really worried about finances. And still are :) Ryan has a really good friend from high school who he has been laying cement with. So Ryan is not home all the time and we're able to get some supplement income which is really nice. He has actually been helping lay the cement for our new stake center this last week. There is also a "DARLING" family in the ward who is paying Ryan to finish their backyard with pavers. They have been so patient with Ryan as it's taking him a little bit to get it all done. But the money from that will be a huge help too :) Thank you guys!! :) Im sure Ryan will do an excellent job- he is pretty much amazing.
Speaking of money- We noticed a cash withdrawal in our bank account of TWO HUNDRED dollars from a branch in South Jordan yesterday. Neither of us were in South Jordan- and certainly neither of us took out 200 dollars. We called the bank. They will call us back on Monday. We're hoping it was just a bank error and they'll put the money back. Meanwhile we have froze our account and are hoping we still have our identities. So frustrating.
Still speaking of money-- I am so sick of my job. I am seriously ready to quit. Usually I have been able to take time off which has been really helpful during the pregnancy. Lately it has not been happening- and the future looks bleak. I am having such a hard time working right now- Im feeling a lot of stress- and Im basically overwhelmed. I really need a vacation. I just don't have any PTO :( I keep praying for a change of attitude... a lot of the "Spanish res agents" have been suffering with these same issues- we're kind of being used big time and we're sick of it.
This last month we had to take our dog, Bella. And our cat, Shadow to the vet for emergency visits. Bella broke a tooth, and Shadow got attacked by another animal (a cat maybe?). 360 dollars later... this OF COURSE has to happen when we're making half of what we were making before. Gurrr. Knock on wood :)

Now- for more positive news:

We got sod today. We actually got it on Friday but it was laid today. The EQ presidency and Ryan's family came to help. It was done in about an hour. Im so excited to have grass in our backyard. We're really anxious to start on the deck. Not too much more time till the baby's here- Im just so glad to have grass :) Yay! Ryan's a stud- he has been working so hard. I hope our baby gets his work ethic... cause if he gets mine.. uh oh ;)

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. It went really well. They moved my due date up to July 31st. FINALLY! The baby was measuring super big for his "age" His head was measuring 37 weeks and his body 34 weeks- when I was supposedly barely 32 weeks along. I tried to tell them before.... :) Oh well. So from Aug 9th- to July 31st- only a week and a half. He said ideally I would go into labor at 37 weeks- July 17th. We're keeping a close eye on the baby- I'd rather not get induced... so hopefully Jayden will WANT to come early on his own.

I'm feeling pretty good. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions a lot but theyre not too painful- just really uncomfortable. I have been super tired- and working isn't helping but Im managing to get enough sleep :) Blood sugars are all over the place lately and they say it'll just get worse. Im hoping everything will run smoothly.

Tara and Shelly threw me a shower last Saturday. A ward shower ;) It was SO nice. So many people came and were so generous. We're totally almost set. It was such a huge help with our current situation and I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and kindness. I finally finished the thank you cards I wish their was more I could do though to show my thanks. I'm so grateful to be in such an amazing ward with so many great people.
I will post pictures of the shower when Im done scrapbooking them all. I didn't get too many because I forgot that I had my camera until the a lot of the people had left. Ooops. I wish I had taken pictures of the great food and fun games. Oh well. I'll always keep it in my memory. Thank you Tara and Shelly for throwing such a fabulous shower :)
Anyway- I guess my novel is over now I need to catch up on everyone Else's blog. Have a great week!


Chris and Tara said...

Yikes! I hope you still have your identities, too. I'll say a prayer for you.
Yippee about the due date being moved up.
Woohoo about the sod. I think Chris and I will come over tomorrow (today) and see it. Alos, we have Farmer to watch Ü.

Linzy said...

What a crazy week you had. I saw the sod in your driveway the other night. Thats exciting!

-Wes and ValaRee- said...

OH, it's hard to work full time when you're so far along and you hate your job. So sorry! I'm impressed with all your digital scrapbooking!!

Kev, Meg and Ty said...

I want to say that I am so sorry I missed your shower, I knew it was coming up but with moving I misplaced the invite and now I'm really sad. I hope you got a lot of good things, again I'm sorry I hope it was fun. I'm sure with Tara in charge it was fabulous. We should get together sometime. Take care.

Emily said...

Tiffany, that sounds like you are crazy! The twins and I would like to come visit you and bring you a gift out to your house. It sounds like since you are probably having a baby this week that maybe us taking you to lunch will have to wait. I'll try to give you a call this week. Hang in there....

C & R said...

Hey Tiffany! So that lady I bought that onesie from will be at the Farmer's Market all summer. She ws on the far south side. Let me know if you really want more and I can pick some up the next time I am there. They were way cute, weren't they? Oh, and I started a blog. Jen made me.

persephone said...

Tiffany! I had no idea you were pregnant until Steven mentioned it to me like last week! Congrats!


Tyler and Thais said...


It's been a while! Did u have your baby??