Friday, March 7, 2008

Pictures- New 'do'

Well today was a crazy day... I finally got my hair done- it was in desperate need!! It had been a few months and my hair has been growing like crazy since I found out I was pregnant. So thanks to Holli! You did a great job. I took some pics-- of myself- so theyre taken in the mirror at odd angles.. but it gives you the general idea. Also our baby's most recent mug shot.

Anyway- here is a before of my monster hair:
(Also a pregnancy side shot.. )

And after:
(Please ignore the dumb expression on my face)

Anyway she did a great job as always :)
After my hair appointment Ryan and I had eye appointments. Me- cause I'm pregnant and diabetic... and Ryan cause it has been a while and he wears glasses. It's a good thing we went because Ryan's glasses are way off... so we got him some new ones. My vision was a little off I have 20/25 in my left eye :( BUT they said it was normal to be a little off during pregnancy and that it was just going to get worse the further along I get. But all should return to normal after the baby comes. Anyway they dialated our eyes which made everything really blury. We got home at 3:33 and I was supposed to start work at 3:30!!! When I sat on the computer I couldnt make sense out of anything. Everything was still really blurry since my eyes were still dialated. I called my supervisor and got an our of PTO (Paid time off) and luckily my eyes got better :)
And here is my growing baby bump ("my lovely lady bump") ;)

19ish weeks I think?


Ariel & Sean said...

cute hair & bump :)

I'll reply to your questions here... because i don't know if you'll actually go back to my comments and see if i responded!

I am the executive secretary {fancy title, i know...} for a company called Arbinger. Basically I answer phones & do office work. We also do seminars all over the country that I get to travel to & help with. It's fun!

and YES i'm so happy that Danny is GONE! woooo hooo!

Stephenson and Katie said...

Girl you look HOT! I love the hair!! ANd you don't even have a baby bump- you're tiny!!

emily Redd said...

Tiffany, I don't know if i've ever told you but you are really photogenic! you hair looks good too!

Chris and Tara said...

"Your lovely lady bump"! I love it. Too funny. You look fabulous in that picture, what are you talking about. You look like you're saying to yourself "Self, I look good!" Lol. See you tomorrow.

tracylayne said...

Look at you!! I love your hair! And I love your little bitty bump! Oh so cute!

Stephenson and Katie said...

Tiff I need your phone number! Geez I can't believe I don't have it.... I think we might do A.I. later at Gretchens then you can come! I haven't heard back from tracy yet and I'm going to work now- I think your hubby has my hubby's number so have him give you my number if you don't have anyone else's so you can know where it's at, cause you have to come! (wow that was a crazy sentence!)

Holli and Warren said...

Cute hair. You are looking so good for being 19ish weeks.

jamirodana said...

cute hair. Holli who?
Your belly looks cute too. You are at a fun phase where all maternity clothes look really cute.