Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good Morning!

This last week has been crazy!!
Despite the fact that I didn't have to nanny this last week I managed to fill in every ounce of free time I had. The family I nanny for (the 3 year old twins!) left their dog with me as they have been in California since the 2ND of November. It has been fun- Bella has been content with the company but it has been kind of stressful too since the two dogs seem to be competing for attention and time. It's mainly Bella who is being a pain. But it's good cause she needs to get used to not being our one and only :) I decided since I wasn't going to be working this week I would start painting the kitchen and the living room. It wasn't a project that Ryan wanted to start this week... but after I taped off the two rooms, and moved all the furniture there wasn't much of a choice ;). I was able to get a lot done while Ryan was at work. I did the edges and the first coat. It was a lot harder than I anticipated as those two rooms have vaulted ceilings (12 stinking feet!!!) After the first coat I couldn't move my arms over my head. Lucky for me I have a really sweet husband- he stayed up until 12 a.m. last night, and 1:15 a.m. this morning putting on the second coats, and putting the first coat on our accent wall. Love that boy :)
Anyway- we painted all the walls a brownish color, and then have the wall with the vaulted ceilings red. As an accent wall. A few months ago I NEVER would have painted a wall red.. But I have been to other houses in our neighborhood, and they have painted their walls red and it actually looks really really good. We just have the first coat on, but I think it looks really good. I will post pictures as soon as the rooms are back in order. and I can figure out how to post pictures :-}
We're wondering if we should put Christmas stuff out once the paint dries. Nothing is up right now since we're painting- it just seems pointless to put out our normal (non-Christmas) decorations only to have to take it down again a week later. ... Plus I'm SO excited to put up our Christmas stuff!! :) I wouldn't worry about it but I'm hosting a marykay party this Friday and I want everything to look 'decor like' :)
My family's party was last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I got to see some cousins that I have not seen in a while. We weren't able to stay for a very long time as we also had to go to Nikki's (Ryan's sister) volleyball game. She was up from Yuma playing SLCC. They lost by two points but it was so good to see her again! I've missed her a lot. She was crying her eyes out being able to see everyone again- she has had a hard time being so far from home- but I think it has been really good for her. She'll be 19 this December... I can't believe how fast everyone is growing up... It's kind of scary.
On Monday (Or Tuesday.. I think Monday might be a holiday?) I am going to go to the adoption agency and give them our birth certificates, and marriage license. I also need to get a copy of our sealing certificate. I haven't been able to find one around the house so I suppose I'll need to go the temple to get a copy of that. I guess there is another paper we haven't signed yet and I'm thinking I'll probably get copies of our collages. We're still working on the birth parent letter. That has been the hardest step for us. It's so hard to know what to say to this woman who is making the ultimate sacrifice. Nothing seems sincere enough we just can't put into words what we want to say or express. And how to describe 'us' in two pages??
I still need to call our doctors so they can sign our medical form saying we're in reasonably good health to adopt :) We don't really have a doctor. We have different specialists.. so hopefully that will work. I'm praying everyday that our background check will go through quickly- but we still haven't heard anything... Any day now.. right?

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