Sunday, October 7, 2007

This week

Well, I've decided to try out this blogspot thing to keep people updated and in the know of what's happening in our life! Hopefully I'll be able to find time to update!
Things here are going well. Steven (my bro) is in the MTC scheduled to go out to Guayaquil, Ecuador in a couple weeks. He owes us a letter, but I'm not keeping my hopes up. We all know his girlfriend takes priority ;-)
This weekend was good. Friday I got my hair done (finally!!) and we hung out with Warren and Holli. We went to Wingers and then came over to our place to watch a movie. Holli is due in November.. she look SO uncomfortable!
Ryan and I stayed home on Saturday and listened to conference while we did chores. Ryan didn't work overtime this weekend so he got a lot accomplished here at home. Yay! :) Yesterday he:
*Put the sheetrock on the frame of our built in fish tank.
*Routered the top piece of our fireplace mantel and put on the first coat of stain.
*Ordered the cabinets for the sides of our fishtank.
* Finished the bottom molding of our railing.
*Cleaned out the fishtank.
*Cleaned out the fireplace.
Since conference was on TV in the living room I had to stay in the kitchen to be able to hear it, so I was able to accomplish a lot in the kitchen. I:
*Organized and cleaned out our pantry
*Cleaned our appliances
*Cleaned out the fridge (my least favorite chore)
*Organized our candle cupboard (sad, I know, I have a cupboard full of all sorts of candles. It smells really good though! :) )

Between sessions I went to a Boutique with Tara and Lanara. It was fun, and I got a really cute picture and frame of the Bountiful Temple that says something about Eternal Families. I love it. I also got some cookie cutters... I got this really good sugar cookie recipe so I have been needing to get some good cookie cutters.

So I went grocery shopping and for the second time in a month they forgot to give me one of my bags. I paid for apples, and avacados and didn't get them. And of course I didn't realize it until I got home. It was nasty weather and the store was more than 10 minutes away so it didn't seem worth it to go back.

On a brighter note, I went to Deseret Book with Ryan's mom and grandma while the guys were at the priesthood session. They had door drawings and I won a CD! :) I've been on the winning streak this week. I also won a free night at a hotel in Long Beach, CA on Friday. I wonder what other contests are out there that I could enter! ;-)

Today will be more conference :) We're going over to Ryan's parents house between sessions. I'm excited for conference.

On the adoption side of things.. we're still waiting for our background checks to clear. It has been two weeks. They say it AT LEAST takes 4-6 weeks... we're trying to be patient :( Hopefully they will clear quickly.. I doubt it though cause we have lived in a lot of different states in the last five years. But I'll keep you updated!

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