Saturday, January 7, 2017

Alex Turns 6!

Why are my kids growing so fast??

 Look at this handsome guy, I mean seriously.

This kid has gone through a whole lot, and he is one tough guy.
He turned 6 on the 5th.
In the last year:

He was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and handled it like a pro. I expected resentment (heaven knows, I would feel it, and I sorta did!) but he is so good about checking with me before he eats anything. His diet change, changed his moods drastically. For the better! I think his body finally knows what it feels like to feel good. I'm sad that he was so uncomfortable for so long. He lost that big bloat he always had, and he is a lot more calm and in control of his emotions.

He also started using an insulin pump this year. Those every 2-3 day injections are BIG needles, and he has been so brave. He always needs to hug mom when I'm inserting them. And I hope he will for a while, I love that I can bring him comfort.

He started kindergarten!! His teacher says he's one of the smartest in the class, and I believe it. 
Alex is considerate, and a rule follower (Gets a little bent out of shape if people don't follow rules). I've discovered his love language is gifts, because holy cow, did he have a  list of people he needed to give gifts to for Christmas. It was super sweet. 

Alex feels every emotion very strongly. He's aware of other's feelings, and wants to make sure everyone is happy. I hope 6 is an easy year for him, because  he deserves a break!! 

Alex, I love you to the moon and back. 

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