Saturday, January 7, 2017

Alex Turns 6!

Why are my kids growing so fast??

 Look at this handsome guy, I mean seriously.

This kid has gone through a whole lot, and he is one tough guy.
He turned 6 on the 5th.
In the last year:

He was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and handled it like a pro. I expected resentment (heaven knows, I would feel it, and I sorta did!) but he is so good about checking with me before he eats anything. His diet change, changed his moods drastically. For the better! I think his body finally knows what it feels like to feel good. I'm sad that he was so uncomfortable for so long. He lost that big bloat he always had, and he is a lot more calm and in control of his emotions.

He also started using an insulin pump this year. Those every 2-3 day injections are BIG needles, and he has been so brave. He always needs to hug mom when I'm inserting them. And I hope he will for a while, I love that I can bring him comfort.

He started kindergarten!! His teacher says he's one of the smartest in the class, and I believe it. 
Alex is considerate, and a rule follower (Gets a little bent out of shape if people don't follow rules). I've discovered his love language is gifts, because holy cow, did he have a  list of people he needed to give gifts to for Christmas. It was super sweet. 

Alex feels every emotion very strongly. He's aware of other's feelings, and wants to make sure everyone is happy. I hope 6 is an easy year for him, because  he deserves a break!! 

Alex, I love you to the moon and back. 

End of December

Well, there went my weekly posts.

This'll be mostly pictures I think, with a few commentaries (cause you know I can't resist)

Decorating Gluten Free Dairy Free sugar cones for Christmas trees.

Zat made Jadyen's lunch, and made an elf breakfast for Alex. They LOVED it. 

 This is one of my favorite things about Christmas. Beauty.

Extended family Christmas Party:


A few snapshots from Christmas

My favorite picture of them . 

St George:

We celebrated Christmas day with my family, and then went down to St George for a few days after Christmas. Unfortunately it was a bit cold there too. But all of Ryan's family was down there, so the kids played with cousins and went to bed exhausted every night. We tried those fun curler things on Aliya's hair. It turned out cute. Also, our van door broke. So that made traveling fun. There's Ryan putting Kason in through the window... agggghh

Aliya didn't quite make it to midnight. Star Wars put her to sleep. 

Putting my Santa's away. We got to add a lot to our collection this year since Ryan's parents moved, and his mom had and still has lots of Santas!! So fun!


What a year it was!

Here's a very abbreviated recap:

January: I started teaching preschool at Flips Clubhouse, I was so excited for this opportunity. We had a great class size, despite the fact that we were starting in the middle of the school year. I thought for sure it would continue to grow and become a huge thing.


We celebrated Alex's 5th birthday, visited St. George, started potty training Liya and found these amazing doors , 70% off , that were a custom order for someone else... The exact measurements of our front doors!!


Got a positive pregnancy test... oops! Start the tummy photos. Celebrated Josh's birthday, spent 1.5 in the bowling alley bathroom throwing up. Went to the zoo with our bestest friends.


Ryan installed said door. Aliya sleeps in weird positions. Easter egg hunt at our house and Gma and Gpa Boos. Another trip to St George .





Announced I was pregnant. Another classic #aliyasleeping. Flips was bought out and became Mountain West. I turned 30, and Ryan eased the pain. Visited the Gardens at Thanksgiving point with Gma and Gpa Boo. Got a call from Alex's Dr. saying his blood tests came back positive for him having Celiacs. Cried a lot. Scheduled an endoscopy to confirm diagnosis. (Documented his last time eating at McDonalds :(  )


My little lovie has his endoscopy and Celiacs is confirmed. Feels like our life turned upside down. We mourn a bit. Sleepin' Liya... Went to Jayden's school for lunch.  Cue Aliya's obsession with dresses, skirts, and hats.  Second grade talent show.  We find out Kason is a BOY! And preschool graduation, where it turns out I won't be going back :-(


Kicked off the summer with a BBQ with my family.  Thanks to Gma Boo's work, we got to hang out at Lagoon. I got to take lots of pictures as I was really pregnant, and couldn't go on many rides. We had our first camping trip of the year with our friends. Alex graduated from upstart, and I have nothing but good things to say about the program. Took a quick trip down to St. George where the kids stayed in the pool all day long. I spent summer mornings on the patio watching Bella be harassed by a skinny little squirrel .


Jayden turned 8 and was baptized the following month.  Went up to a firework show for the 4th of July. Aliya saw her first movie and.. Bear Lake!!!



Jayden was baptized! Another trip to St. George, and the zoo. My baby girl turned 3. Jayden starts third grade, and Alex starts kindergarten. And our master bath was gutted.  It was a bittersweet month.


This was the month of Kason. And hospital visits for mom. The rest of the year is a blur ;)



Kason came off o2 midmonth.  Aliya started swim lessons with her buddy. Halloween party with Gma and Gpa Boo and cousins. Went trick or treating at Gma and Gpa S.  Crazy hair day at school.


After much hassle between us and our mortgage lender... the bathroom remodel finally started. I slowly started putting Christmas up. I played the Santa for the kid's pictures. Gma Boo bought all the kids Christmas outfits for pictures.



I've been blogging about December. So pics are there. But, Kason was blessed. We saw Santa a few times. Christmas treated us well. We went to St George for the week after Christmas. And spent NYE together as a family.