Saturday, January 7, 2017

End of December

Well, there went my weekly posts.

This'll be mostly pictures I think, with a few commentaries (cause you know I can't resist)

Decorating Gluten Free Dairy Free sugar cones for Christmas trees.

Zat made Jadyen's lunch, and made an elf breakfast for Alex. They LOVED it. 

 This is one of my favorite things about Christmas. Beauty.

Extended family Christmas Party:


A few snapshots from Christmas

My favorite picture of them . 

St George:

We celebrated Christmas day with my family, and then went down to St George for a few days after Christmas. Unfortunately it was a bit cold there too. But all of Ryan's family was down there, so the kids played with cousins and went to bed exhausted every night. We tried those fun curler things on Aliya's hair. It turned out cute. Also, our van door broke. So that made traveling fun. There's Ryan putting Kason in through the window... agggghh

Aliya didn't quite make it to midnight. Star Wars put her to sleep. 

Putting my Santa's away. We got to add a lot to our collection this year since Ryan's parents moved, and his mom had and still has lots of Santas!! So fun!

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