Sunday, December 11, 2016

Busy, busy, busy

This last week has been great as far as getting a lot of stuff accomplished.

I wonder if I'm the only one out there who thinks, "Okay, as soon as I get my house in order, then I can be the mom that I imagine I am, and spend hours reading on the couch, and laughing and getting along with my children... and they'll be happy and stop fighting." But then I abandon my kids for a whole week going through every room in my house and declutter and organize, and stage and sell our used stuff.
  I got through every room except for... shudder... the office. That'll take a week on its own. But I finally feel like I have control over my stuff again, and maybe I can develop a system to stay on top of everything.

On Monday Ryan sealed the shower and the grout so we could get the vanity moved in. It was 500 pounds. My forearms are still sore. But I'm pretty proud of myself. We still haven't figured out what we're doing as far as a shower door, but we got a cheap curtain hanging up there meanwhile. Along with the toilet on our Master bedroom deck, we're just keepin' it classy.

Jayden was required to learn how to make a meal for his family. I taught him how to make Ham fried Rice with carrots after I saw the joy on his face when I allowed him to make scrambled eggs. Seriously, he was soooo proud. Kept talking about how they were the best eggs he's ever had. And we were all required to say the same. :-D

For our advent we Got Rudolph noses and sang "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"  


One of the bags was filled with Santa Hats for our chairs. I was really excited for this one, but the kids weren't too impressed.

We also made Christmas ornaments for the tree with sparkly pipe cleaner. We built a snowman ( An Olaf puzzle). And we were supposed to write Christmas cards, but that hasn't happened yet. 

I found this cute baby Jesus in a manger that came with a bag of straw at seagull book. Every time someone does something nice for someone else we get to add straw to the manger to make Jesus's bed more comfortable. That one has been a big success for the kids, and days later they're still looking for opportunities to be nice and add some straw. 

Our cat Shadow has been a pain in the butt. She is not peeing in her litter box. She will pee around it, but not in it. We turned our whole downstairs shower into a litter box to avoid the problem. Which worked well for 6 months. Then she started peeing on the tile and cement board that Ryan is laying in that bathroom. So he got all mad, said I should take her to the vet, hoping that she would be dying of something.... Anyway- I made an appointment, because it had been a few years, and I thought maybe she had a UTI.  Well she was scared on the drive over to the vet, so I put her carrier on my lap, and she peed. For a really long time. On my lap, while I was driving. My entire leg, to the back of me was soaked in cat urine. I stunk so bad. I got the vet and they took foreeeeevvvveeeer. Finally I asked if they had some scrub pants I could borrow. I did a paper towel wipe down, then changed... 

This was all I had on, the waist was way too big, which wouldn't have been a problem, if the elastic wasn't old and brittle. . I sat there in the vet office, and held my legs together to try to keep the pants on.  Ironically, and thankfully the second I got home the pants fell off me. Tender mercies they stayed on that long..
Meanwhile, nothing wrong with Shadow that they could find. Some of her liver counts were high, but since she's still eating they weren't concerned. And I spent 300 bucks and got peed on. So there's that.


 Zat had a clever hiding spot and dressed up in a Santa suit gift bag in our tree.  The kids loved it.

I FINALLY got our nativities out. I put the big white one on the table this year. And the rest we've collected are on the piano.

Alex got some disguise glasses as a prize for doing his homework at school. I was driving to Lowes and bust out laughing. He kept those suckers on inside the store too. He was stopped by a lot of people, but refused to talk to them. Funny boy. 

We blessed Kason today. I look terrible in this picture, but it was the only picture we got of him in his blessing outfit. The same outfit that Jayden and Alex wore.  He has been so smiley and happy all day today.  It went well. I know Ryan was really nervous, but he did a great job. I think my favorite line was that he would find a "special girl". A special girl, huh...
This time we just invited immediate family. So it was a smaller group than normal, but at this time in my life it was more manageable for me.  It was nice to have family over for the holidays. 
Kason and grandma boo.

I took the opportunity to bear my testimony. I was just thinking about the fact that Ryan and I weren't going to have kids because of my diabetes. I was sure I would end up killing myself with the health problems I had and we thought it would be safer to adopt. That and Ryan's surgery made him infertile. I was so terrified when I was pregnant with Jayden, and to me, he is perfect.

And here I am blessing my FOURTH child. Yes, there were health struggles, but I feel immensely blessed for the comfort of the spirit, and the miracles witnessed during those trials. I feel so grateful to be a mom of three beautiful children. They are my life, and my reason for living. They inspire to be a better person. What a crazy ride it has been, and I know the crazy isn't over yet, but I feel immensely blessed!! I witnessed of the blessing of seeing His hand through trials and blessings in our life. I know He lives and I'm grateful for this Christmas season. 

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