Sunday, December 6, 2015

On the fourth day

I can't find number four's bag! I also can't make a serious selfie face, but it's okay, because I have a partner in crime. 
But the bag contained some "AVENGER" fruit snacks and told us,
"4.)    It’s Friday night… Let’s have root beer floats and watch a Christmas movie!"
We don't own the movie, Elf. Is that unamerican? I think so. But since the kids had never seen it, I decided to rent it on amazon for that 24 hour period they give you. So we watched it Friday night, and then THREE times on Saturday. I'm just making all sorts of bad mom confessions. 

I made this fantastic Grinch for a Christmas party my friend was helping with. Isn't it cute? I totally had the Lord's hand in it, cause I'm not great at free handing, and it actually turned out well!

I got to watch some adorable kids for the last official time. I had been watching them over the last year once or twice a week, but since I'm going to be starting a preschool in January I can't commit to it anymore. I was hoping the kids would be terrible so saying goodbye wouldn't be so bad, but darn it they were super good, and I'll miss them!

And then my best friend got in a jam with work, so we got to hang out with her little man till the wee hours. I think the kids all had a lot of fun, and it was a great kick off to the weekend.
Note to future self: Rootbeer floats= none of my kids like them!!! Boooohooo!

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