Saturday, June 16, 2012

The one where Jayden tries to kill his aunt...

I recently helped throw a baby shower for my cousin.  It was held down at my grandma's clubhouse. My grandma is currently cruising in one of these:
Notice how you steer and power forward from the small joystick in front of the arm rest.

Jayden had been playing with his Aunt Annese and had gotten poked by her nail. He was claiming for the next 10 minutes to everyone how "MAD" he was at her. He told me, "Annese used to be cute, but now Im mad at her!!!"
    Anyway- at one point I was observing Jayden from a chair a few feet back from him. He was sitting on his great Grandma's lap, as she was sitting in the scooter. Aunt Annese... was a clear target, about 5 feet directly in front of them. My sweet Grandma was not watching Jayden, but talking to my Aunt across the room. I watched Jayden look left, then right as the realization suddenly came to me of what he was about to do.
  Before I could warn Grandma, her joystick was in Jayden's small little hand as he powered forward. Straight towards Annese. "WOAH!!! WOAH!!!" yelled my poor Grandma. "Ahhhhh!" screamed Annese as she watched the scooter powering towards her..  He didn't stop until he rolled over her toe.

   I almost died laughing, but fortunately, I am okay.

As for Great Grandma and Aunt Annese... well we hope they'll be okay.


Amy said...

BA ha ha ha ha! I love this! he's such a cutie.

Chris and Tara said...

I didn't hear this story. That is awesome. And now I know not to make Jeyden mad. :)

Chris and Tara said...