Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three weeks

Just an update

Things are going really well. I can't believe Alex is already 3 weeks old. I hate how fast time flies. We have been stuck at home trying to avoid getting sick. Once a week Ryan or myself will go grocery shopping and then come home and wash up really well. Poor Jayden hasn't left the house since he picks up any sickness within 5 feet of him. Luckily- we're doing a one month free trial of netflix. He has watched more "dinotrain" in the last 3 weeks than any child has probably watched in their life. Sad. I feel like a great mom! ;)
We did venture out last Sunday to see family. It was nice to get out. I can't wait for spring.
My cousin, Erica, came to our house last Friday to take pictures of my little men. Im so grateful she did- I just don't have that photographers eye. She did a great job. I posted the majority of the pictures on facebook- but here are a few I LOVE

Okay, maybe just a little more than a few.

I was really worried that Alex would be the "Difficult" baby. Jayden was super easy, and the pregnancy was easy, everything was easy. With Alex the pregnancy was difficult and lots of people told me that I couldn't have two good babies. But Alex is just like Jayden. SUPER mellow. Doesn't have a fussy time, he will only cry if he's hungry, and even then.. it's not really a cry. Knock on wood!! Im just hoping he will be a bit more outgoing.
He eats really well. He still sleeps all the time- so I am able to get a lot done. He'll usually sleep from 10:30 pm- 3:30 a.m. then he'll be up again at 6:30 am and will sleep until 11 a.m. Jayden sleeps from 9:30 pm-10:00 am. So it has been a really nice schedule. I just have a hard time falling back asleep after I feed Alex. I'm getting used to it though.

Anyway- to end here are some funny pictures of Alex's facial expressions


tracy layne said...

Oh man you poor trapped little family!! I don't blame you one bit, SO many sick kiddos out there right now! You're litte Alex is SUCH a doll... I love those pictures of his funny faces, haha, too cute!

Amy said...

He's perfect! I'm so glad to see pictures. :D I hope you continue to avoid the diseases!

Nikki Taylor said...

Oh he is a DOLL!! (both of the boys!) I am so sorry you are trapped inside, but that is so the smart thing to do. We have been super sick at our house so we will stay clear, but I can't wait to meet little Alex. I am so glad to hear he is such a good baby. That gives me hope that my next one MIGHT be just as good as Jayne was. I LOVE the pictures!

Andi and Jimmy said...

I hope he stays an easy baby for you! Kaydence is still so easy and content. It's amazing. Oh, and don't feel bad about the TV thing! It's okay.

Blanck said...

Tiff what a doll! and quite the birth story. It is reminiscent of my last baby. NICU is no fun.

Adam & Loni said...

So sweet! Love the pics!

Blanck said...

love the BLUE booties