Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Family Room...

There used to be a wall dividing the family room from the kitchen:

We tore down the wall- did the sheetrock, the tape... the mud.. the fireplace..

Then came the carpet.. And the mantle... and the tiles around the fireplace

Finally the railing and the furniture. The family room as experienced every furniture arrangement possible... but I don't think I have pictures of them all


Did I mention one of Ryan's "dreams" was to have a built in fishtank?? He totally did it. He's awesome.

Apprently I don't have any in-between then and now pictures- so here is what the family room looks like now:

Sorry my camera is pretty sucky...

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Sue said...

Your house looks awesome! And I remember previous posts about your backyard. You guys are good! I wish we had that talent. :)