Saturday, July 11, 2009

The fourth and LAST day

Yipes- who knew it would take me this long to blog about a vacation? Sorry if the quality of my blogs aren't very good. I write them when the whole state is sleeping... except for those crazy people who are awake and call in to airlines to book flights.

Speaking of flights- our last adventure in San Diego was this museum. An Air Force museum. We got to tour the boat that the Air Force would live on for months... it was pretty incredible. I probably would not have picked to do this... but Ryan really wanted to. So we did. It was fun :)

Later in the evening we went to the beach by the beach house our aunt and uncle were staying in. Ryan would put Jayden out right in front of the big waves and tell him to "Take it!!!" I would life Jayden up for the waves.. And we wonder WHY he's a mama's boy???

Anyway- we had a fantastic time. The weather in San Diego is beautiful!!! Is was great to see family again. And Im looking forward to more family vacations in the future!!


Chris and Tara said...

He looks so cute in the ocean. I think it's pretty funny that Ry would tell him to "take it". What a man thing to do. Ü

Sue said...

What a fun trip!!! I went to San Diego for the first time in January and I am wondering why it took me 30 years to get there! I'm glad that Jayden was such a good traveler for you. What a babe!