Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sick computer...

It has been a crazy week... but it all started a few months ago. When our anti virus software suddenly stopped working. We knew that wasn't a good sign and Ryan and I discussed how we should buy a jump drive to backup all of our pictures.

...Yeah when we get around to it.
...When we had the money to buy a jump drive.
...When pigs fly

Then our laptop started doing weird things. Saying it had to download "weird" files I have never heard of before... I would decline the offer to download. Always. But our laptop was insistent. It wouldn't let me decline the download... so I would shut off the computer and hope it would stop bugging me.

I kept getting that feeling our computer was going to crash soon and I needed to back up our files. Did I listen to that feeling? Nope. I can't explain why. Time and money just wasn't something we had laying around.

Some nights when I worked I would upload 20 pictures at a time to my photobucket account. Just in case. But I never got around to doing all of them.

Wednesday morning it happened. The laptop wanted me to download something. Instead of saying "yes" or "no" to install the download. It said, "Install and restart now" or "Install and restart later". Some sort of mastermind was behind this virus... cause I clicked "install and restart later" ... I guess I wasn't at the top of my game. Cause our laptop never turned on again.

I cried.

Then I called a neighbor who fixes PC's who told me it was possible that I lost all of our files.... all of our pictures. But he would try to salvage them for me if possible..

3 days, a backup hard drive, and 20 phone calls later we have our laptop back and it is doing much better. Thank goodness all of our pictures were salvaged- but everything else is gone. We don't even have Microsoft word!!! :(

We lost our music.. :(

If anyone has computer troubles nearby make sure to get this guys info from me. His prices were SO reasonable- AND he was so patient and nice :)

Even though we lost everything else... I am SO glad we didn't lose four years worth of pictures... it would have felt like losing a loved one.


Chris and Tara said...

I'm so glad too.

Amy said...

Glad you didn't lose it all! Try for online backup, it's like $5 a month....TOTALLY worth it. :)