Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sometimes I wonder

I have been doing reservations for "undisclosed airline" for almost three years now. It has had ups and downs. I have been on the verge of quitting for 3 years now.. but who can pass up working from home and flying for free??? Apparently not me!

I enjoy working graves. Don't get me wrong- it is hard! Weekends are a blur for sure. But it's 8 hours I pretty much get to myself. Baby is sleeping. Ryan is sleeping. Animals are sleeping. And most of the world is sleeping since I typically only get about 1 call every 5 mins- 1 hour.

I read blogs... I am very well up to date on your life ;) I do laundry and fold clothes. I organize files. Play yahoo and msn games. And then of course- take calls :)
But in the last three years I have worked I have taken a lot of calls.
Some of these calls I get make me go: "Whaaaaaat?"

For example:

1) The people who call and change a flight. After I change the flight they say "I want the exact same seats I had before" I kindly advise them since this is a different plane flying on a different day those seats may not be available. Then they get mad. Whaaaaat?

2) The one person who wants an aisle AND a window seat. And then act confused when I tell them that isn't possible. Whaaat?

3) The dumb guys who just want to waste time. "Are you married?" "What do you look like?" "You have a very beautiful voice" My favorite: "You SOUND like you're very beautiful" ... Whaaaat?

4) The "pervert pete". The guys who call and do things that are not appropriate to write. Get a life!

5) The people who call just to have someone to talk to. I don't mind these calls. But I do try to maintain some call control.

6) The calls I get most often are from the people who have a flight leaving at 2 am on a ex: Friday. They call so upset because they come to the airport on Friday night only to find out their flight has already left that morning at 2am. And then they try to blame them missing their flight on me. Whaaaat?

7) This just happened a couple minutes ago- I asked her if she wanted "The most economic, or a refundable fare." She asked me which one would be the cheapest :) We're not allowed to say cheap... I told her the most economic would be the least expensive
There are plenty more. If you have had a phone job we should swap stories :)


cappyt said...

That's so funny. So your example #6 - my freshman year of college, I flew back from Christmas break and my aunt an uncle had told me not to get a shuttle, they'd pick me up. It was one of those flights. I got in at 12:15am Saturday night, but since the date was Sunday's date they thought I got in Sunday night. So I was stranded at the airport since I didn't have their phone number (needless to say, I memorized it the next day. It's one of the few phone numbers I have memorized today.) Though I feel their pain, or maybe my aunt and uncle feel their pain, it's definitely not the travel agent's fault.

Amy said...

I once worked phones for a company that paid people's bills for them. Whoa, people are weird about their money. "Can you pay my creditors BEFORE you draft my bank account?"

C&CSant said...

Funny stories! Thanks for sharing!

jamirodana said...

Hahaha! So funny! I don't know what I'd do with the pervert pete!
I would find some insults to tell them. Just sick!
How do you not just fall asleep at the computer? heehee.

Chris and Tara said...

This brought back some fun memories. Ü

Chris and Tara said...

This brought back some fun memories. Ü

Joanna said...

I can totally relate to the weird callers you have to deal with on a day to day basis. We had a guy that would call reservations that I called the Fairfield Inn Courtesy Hold guy. He was gross to talk to but never said anything bad but he made noises. Yuck I just get grossed out thinking about it. Good times working on the phones.

Michelle said...

Tiff, I LOVED your work stories, I don't have a phone job, but working at the bank for 5 years definitely qualifies. By the way, Zacc always says that Jayden looks like Ryan, but I think he looks just like you...funny about the wallpaper :)