Monday, February 2, 2009

My Uncle Bob

My Great-uncle (my Grandma's brother) passed away a week ago today. I was able to attend his funeral with Ryan and Jayden last Thursday. .. I'm so grateful to have known him. I had not been to a funeral for a while and while it was difficult and surreal, it was a neat experience to be able to reflect on life, and the principle of eternal families.
Although under difficult circumstances, I was glad I was able to see family at the funeral that I had not been able to see for a while. Realizing how fragile life is made the opportunity of seeing family much more significant for me.
When we all, as a family, stood in the room to say our final goodbye I felt such a love and joy of being in a room with all my family. Close and extended. And peace knowing we would all see him again. It is truly amazing how much impact one life can have on people all around the world.

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