Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jayder Gator

This last week I accidentally left Jaydens bumbo (See video below for cute dance- and bumbo) at Emily's house.

I didn't realize I had left it till I got home. She lives a half hour away so I didn't want to turn around and get it. I got a feeling of dread cause we use the bumbo for everything. He sits in it on the counter while I make meals, clean the kitchen... He can see me. I can see him. Not only that but since we didn't have a high chair- Jayden would sit in the bumbo while we fed him.
Unfortunately the only thing we had to make sure Jayden was sitting (standing) up while he ate was his jumper. I tried my best to make sure he didn't jump while I was feeding him. But the results didn't turn out too well.

Anyway- the next day I bought him a high chair. Happy Valentines Day buddy!

Jayden LOVES

His thumb

And being tossed in the air by daddy

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