Friday, January 9, 2009

The candy hair bow...

I don't have a lot of memories from when I was 3 years old. I remember thinking our house was HUGE. I remember the family room carpet was orange... but I do have a couple of memories that stand out.
This memory might be a bit tainted. Perhaps because I was only three years old- but I'll do my best to recall.
Being a child of the 80s- barrettes were very popular. The bigger and more obnoxious the better, right? My Aunt was very talented in the craft department. One year she made me a beautiful hair bow. Made of clear pastic. Inside these plastic bows... there was candy. I've been googling 'plastic barrettes with candy inside' with no luck. I can't find anything of the sort- which tells you how crafty my aunt really is. For those who lack imagination- it looked something like this:

You're welcome.

It was cute and all- but I wanted the candy. I explained to my mom I could still wear the hair bow if she would just take the candy out. My evil mother refused. She also refused to let me have scissors at such a young age. (I love you mom!). I was devastated.
I remember sitting on the couch trying to bite open the hair bow. I tried pulling it open with my fingers. Nothing worked. I wanted that candy- and I was going to get it.
One night- probably not too long after my mom had tucked me into bed I snuck downstairs. I remember it being dark... but there was a light on in a room far off. Which meant my parents were up. I had to be quiet. And quiet I was. I snuck into the kitchen and took out the scissors.
I sliced open that bow and took the candy out. I don't remember enjoying the candy. I do remember thinking that my mom was going to be really really mad at me when she saw the candy was missing.
When she asked me about it the next morning- I told her I had no idea how the candy got out of the bow "Maybe it fell out?" ... or MAYBE my one year old brother took it!!


Amy said...

I remember carving my name into the railing at my grandpa's house and telling my mom my little brother did it. I was so smart. :)

PS I like the illustration because I "lack imagination"

Chris and Tara said...

I'm betting it was your brother. I had a vague idea what you were talking about but was grateful for the picture. Apparently, I'm not completely lacking in the imagination department. Ü

Erica Lyn said...

That picture made me all sorts of happy :)