Monday, December 8, 2008

Simply Fun

Well I was planning on throwing a game party- this week. Tomorrow actually. But with all of the poor health drama I was never able to get my act together and send out invites. All orders have to be in by the 10th of December to get them by Christmas. I know some of you have told me you're buying for people who have everything- so this might be a good solution. Anyway- I talked to the lady who was going to throw my party tomorrow- and she said she can just order them through her mom's order- which means every order will be 15% off.
Anyway- you can visit their website:
And there is a list of all the games- the prices, etc.. Just click on 'products' at the top. The only games I have played are:
Cahoots- up to 40 people can play and it's a really good ice breaker. If you like to have parties it's a good game to have.
Sneaks- It's exactly like spoons. Only instead of spoons on the table there are little plastic sneakers. It is a really fun games especially for competitive people like myself :)
There are also a lot of getting to know you game.

Those are the only ones I have personally played. I know they have a lot of kid games too. To me- the website is a little bit of a pain cause you have to click on 'more info' to find out about the game- so if you want a catalog call me and I can drop it off.

Like I said orders have to be in by the 10th and since we're putting everything on her mom's order form it'll be 15% off. Maybe next year I'll be more organized and we'll be able to play the games. But theyre really unique- not stuff you'd find in stores... and the two I have played have been really fun.

Sorry I wasn't able to throw the party- and sorry THIS is so last minute. But to anyone who was interested...

P.S. Thanks for the suggestions on my previous post. Ryan said he will 'talk' to them. We'll see how that goes. I dont think he has the guts :) I don't!


Stephenson and Katie said...

you can throw a christmas party instead now :) haha.... Hope Jayden is doing better!! I missed you guys on Sunday! And as for the car.... yeah... sucks! Your house still looks amazing though, I need to come and see the inside!

Holli said...

Hey babe,
We haven't seen you guys forever! We really need to get together.

Holly said...

Aww....poor Tiff....and even poooooorer jayden. I hope that you are all well now, and I hope that the neighbors have stopped being such jerks.

How is it possible that your sweet little guy is already 4 mos old??? Where did the time go?
The photos are great, he is such a doll baby!

Jennie said...

Thanks for adding our button :)

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