Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just some random stuff...

It's almost 11 and Im wide awake. Gurr. I have a lot on my mind- so why not blog? :)

I have been going back and forth on quitting my job. We are doing 'OK' with my not working. I guess technically I have been working a little. Emily offered to let me bring Jayden with me and watch her cute kids. What a blessing. It has allowed us to cover the extra expenses and I am still able to be with my baby. I'm talking about my "airline" job :)
At first I was set on quitting. When I chose my schedule for AUG-JAN I chose morning hours because Ryan was supposed to be working swing shifts. After a short time of no 'no job' and then a couple of other jobs later Ryan is now working mornings. I would work from 5 am- 11 am and Ryan would work from 5 am- 3 pm. Not good with a baby.
Now I would work from home, but I can't leave Jayden to entertain himself for six hours. Nor can I plan my breaks around the time he wakes up because it's different every morning. I asked my supervisor to switch my shifts to afternoons but alas it cannot be done. So frustrating!!
So I talked to some coworkers, and someone was willing to pick up some of my shifts if I picked up some of hers. So here is my crazy work schedule:
Mon: 5:15 am- 9:15 am.
Tues: 5:15 am-7:15 am, THEN 3-7pm
Wed: 5:15 am-7:15 am, THEN 3-7 pm
Fri: 5-7 pm
Sat: 4-10 pm

It seems like a really crazy schedule to me. And I am not a morning person. Getting up at 5 am. Being up all day with Jayden and going back to work as soon as Ryan gets home is going to be really hard. I NEED sleep!! I shouldn't complain because Ryan has to get up at 4:30 am M-F. And he works hard around the house after he's off work. Anyway- we will see what happens. I am really nervous about 'returning to work'. It's going to be rough. Maternity leave went by way too fast.

In other news-
Jayden is 12 weeks old today :) And he is already teething. He is starting the teething process a little earlier than normal. But apparently it could go on for months before we actually see teeth. Luckily we have a lot of bibs and 'chew' toys :)Tracy used her sweeet new camera and took some pictures of us today. She did a fabulous job.. but I had to wipe his 'spit bubbles' every 3 minutes!! :)

I got some great deals at Kid to Kid. A great friend used to work there (Im not sure if she worked at the one in Bountiful) and said sometimes they get some pretty sweet stuff. I went there to check it out and got a lot of CUTE outfits with the original tags still on them. A babygap jumper for only 4 bucks!! A brand new oshkosh outfit (pants, shirt, jacket) for six dollars... and a bunch of other stuff. I love bargains!!
A word of caution though- it took me 15 minutes to check out. Holy slowness. The lady was bagging the clothes and she stopped and told me her tooth fell out, and walked away. She then came back and apologized for telling me her tooth fell out and continued to bag my stuff. One of those situations where I wasn't quite sure what do or how to react.

Tuesday night we went down to Mapleton to see my mom's side of the family. My grandpa's brother was visiting from Washington. It was a long drive but always nice to see everyone. On our way home we decided to stop and get gas. I asked Ryan to get me some water at the gas station but he was being a grump and refused. I was grumpy when we got back on the freeway and I still didn't have any water so Ryan got off the freeway and got my some water... Good thing we did! When we hit Lehi there was a roll over and a 6 car pileup. Calculating the time it took us to get the water we would have been right in the area of the accident had we not stopped for water. See.. me being stubborn saved our lives :) Am I being extreme??;) I can see using this story for my advantage in the future. Ryan loves me :)

Well this may be my most random post yet. I can tell I am really tired. :) Hope everyone has a good week!


Holly said...

Tiff....seriously............Jayden just keeps getting cuter and cuter.....he sure is a pretty baby. I am glad that you are enjoying him so much. I wish I had advice on the job situation.....but I don't. I will keep you and your little family in my prayers though! KISS THAT BABY FOR ME!!!!!

Stephenson and Katie said...

I love the water story cause that sounds EXACTLY like Stephenson and I!

Chris and Tara said...

"I can see using this story for my advantage in the future". Oh my heck, I was laughing. Ü

Sue said...

Your family pics are so cute! What a great family!

Kristen and Tyson Cramer said...

We had a lot of fun Friday night. Thanks for having us over! I hope your first day back at work goes okay. The first day back is so crazy!

James and Marianne said...

Just been thinking about you and hoping your first couple days as a working mom have gone ok. Really, I hope you'll call me if you need help!
It was fun talking to you in the mother's lounge- it's where I make all my friends!

Stephenson and Katie said...

Come over anytime!! I saw your pics on Tracy's blog- you're such a babe! With the cutest family EVER!

Blanck said...

that maternity leave did go so fast. I remember that with Alyss. You can babysit my kids any time and bring Jayden, especially if you need a little extra money. I would love to see you and your new babe. I did get your email and I emailed you back. I will email my address again. love you and miss you. Isn't life crazy?? Hang in there.