Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The rest of September

Fall, apparently like most people, is my favorite season. In fact I put all my Halloween and Fall decor out on the first day of fall. That's always exciting because I take all of our 'everyday' decor down, and it won't be out again until after Christmas. I love the colors, the smells, and the weather. But Utah has really screwed up the weather aspect of fall. It has been in the 80s since fall began! The weatherman says it's going to drop down the 60s this weekend so maybe I'll get to enjoy a little bit of the fall season :) I will be posting pictures later of our fall decor. Roberts has all of their Halloween stuff 50% off... and they have some REALLY cute stuff. I highly reccomend stopping by. I think the sale ends October 4th.

So for those moms or moms to be of babies:
This is a really neat website. And maybe Im the last to know about it... which is likely. I was told about this website at the Womens Expo they had a couple months back. Everyday this website has a random baby item for AT LEAST 50% off. I haven't started checking it out until recently- but there is some really cute stuff.

I promised to let everyone know how the baby blessing went. I got a few pictures of Jayden in the blessing outfit- but we didn't get any family pictures. I meant to. But it was a really hectic day. Anyway- the blessing was beautiful. Ryan did an excellent job. He had been really nervous about it, because he HATES talking in front of large groups of people (and he got called to be a Gospel Doctrine teacher that very Sunday!! :( Poor boy) but he did really well. It was such a neat experience and I really felt the spirit strongly. We had a lot of family come from all over which was so neat. Along with Jayden- Zach and Michelle blessed their CUTE baby girl right before us. She was born a few days after Jayden. It was really cool.
Jayden was going to wear the same outfit Ryan wore on his blessing day. Ryan's mom had given me the outfit a couple of weeks prior and I didn't even think to try it on until the Thursday before the Sunday he was getting blessed. It didn't fit!!! I was so upset. We didn't have the money set aside to buy him a blessing outfit since we weren't planning on needing to... I borrowed a blessing outfit from our sweet neighbor Kristen... but I was still pretty heartbroken that we didn't have an outfit that would be able to stay in the family.
Ryan's mom surprised us on Saturday with the cutest little white tux ever. It brought me to tears. He looked so stinking handsome- and it fit him like a glove. We were seriously so blessed ;)
After the blessing we had family and friends over to a clubhouse we rented for Hawaiin haystacks. They were really good and now we have lots of rice and cheese left over. Yes- Ryan was right- I overdid it on the cheese. I think it was a success. Except I didn't invite even half the people on my list to invite. I wasn't 100% sure we were going to have the clubhouse until late last week. So I didn't make any phone calls. I feel bad.. I should have just had Ryan take care of that aspect.
Anyway- it was a really nice place with plenty of room which was a huge blessing.

Dr Appt
Jayden had his 2 month exam a couple of weeks ago. He is doing really well. His heart murmur is GONE. yay :) In height and weight he was in te 85th percentile. His head was in the 50th. I think that's funny since when Jayden was born my Dr. thought he was all head. He did well with his shots. He cried for a few seconds but was Okay when he got the binky. He definitely did not enjoy them- it was a blood curdeling scream.

Ryan's Job
Ryan has started a new job. We are all uninsured this month so HOPEFULLY nothing happens. He is still working at base just under a different contractor. The insurance sucks- 700 a MONTH! For just the three of us. We are hoping to insure Jayden independently- but we might not be able to since he had pnuemonia when he was born.
Aside from the insurance sucking- Ryan is working days again. So its nice that is FEELS like he's home more often. Before we would all be out cold when he got home from work. Him getting home at three in the afternoon is so nice.

Sorry this post is so long. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures later tonight! :)


Stephenson and Katie said...

the blessing was amazing! Ryan did do an awesome job, and you were quite the party thrower girl! The haystacks were AMAZING!!! I"m cravin them as I write this! We're glad all is well at the sorenson home- love you guys!

Joanna said...

Ryan did such a great job on the blessing. I would be nervous to have to do that too. I was sad we couldn't get to the party afterward, we were celebrating my moms birthday that night. I also got confused about your text you sent on friday so I thought you were doing everything on saturday but then I figured it out. I am glad everything is going pretty good.

Jennie said...

We were so sad we couldn't come to the blessing and festivities. I'm so glad everything went well. You guys are the cutest family!

chibirae101 said...

I miss you on xanga. :) But glad you guys are doing well (except the no insurance thing, eek).

Stephanie said...

Ryan did such a wonderful job! Jayden is the cutest little rugrat I've seen. Congrats! You guys are such a cute little family.

$700/month for insurance is WAY too much to pay. I've found a Web site that Chris and I were able to get insurance from. It's super inexpensive and fabulous coverage. If you're interested, let me know! I'll be happy to email you the link!

Love ya,