Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Babes

These last few weeks have been crazy. I think I say that every time I blog? Jayden is growing so fast and is able to do a lot of new things. It's all going by too fast. He is smiling now- it melts my heart.

He also has tears now. I didn't know this- but newborns dont have tears when they cry. I guess he's out of that stage now.
He has slept through the night the last four days. I don't want to say it's official- cause I might jinx it :)
It's so cool to see his personality surface.
I just finished Stephenie Meyer's rough draft of Midnight Sun. Soooo good.
Ryan has been working swing shift this last month. It has been hard. I feel like I never see him. He works from 2pm-1am. He has been picking up a lot of overtime along with those crazy hours. We have to pay off those HUGE hospital bills somehow. This last week he worked 3- 10 hour shifts, and 2- 12 hour shifts. BUT even though he has been working like crazy- he has been able to get a lot done around the house. I love my husband.
I have been blogging so much about Jayden I haven't been able to write about Ryan. His hard work this summer has knocked me off my feet ;)
I don't mean to brag but look what he did all by himself:

It's not quite done yet- he still needs to add the railing and build a deck around our hot tub. It's going be deck on the one side of the spa- and a little bar on the other side with stools and a tile counter.
Our backyard went from this:

To this:

(Taken from the opposite side of the yard)

He installed the sprinklers, put in a french drain and put top soil in the back yard all by himself (he hates asking for help). Ty brought his back-hoe over and leveled everything out. It was in bad shape... My family did help get all those stinking rocks. And his parents, sister, Warren, and the EQ helped lay the sod. Ryan is such a hard worker and I am so grateful for him. He has done the deck all by himself (I did put in three nails though!!!... oh- and his dad helped carry back some of the boards. ). Ryan and his dad moved the hot tub to the back yard. Just the two of them... 500 pounds. I'm glad neither of them died.
We got the hot tub from Ryan's parents. Im so excited to use it.

Anyone is welcome to come over- Ryan has offered to build a bench on one side of the spa for the pregnant women ;)
K- I'll stop tooting his horn now. I only do it because he would never toot his own horn ;)
I am sorry for misspellings. Not being grammatically correct- or maybe not making any sense. I don't sleep anymore ;)
I'll end on a couple of pictures:

You have to click on this picture to enlarge it. His arm is covering up "Favorite Things:" It's a classic.


Joanna said...

I cannot believe how big he is getting, it is crazy how fast it seems to go. Ryan did such a good job on the backyard I still need to come over and see it in person, one day soon.

Jess said...

You guys are SO busy! The deck looks great and Jayden is so big!

-Wes and ValaRee- said...

The yard looks awesome! That's impressive. It's so fun they start to smile. Wait till he starts giggling. It's so fun! It does go by way fast!

Chris and Tara said...

I love that picture of the "favorite things". It's adorable. The deck looks great, although you forgot to mention that I offered to come help one day. I was willing to use the nail gun. Ü But he wasn't working on it that day so that's the end of that. Ü

Stephenson and Katie said...

I love the new pic on top! What a gorgeous family! :) Thanks for letting us borrow prison break, we're watching it right now and it's amazing!