Sunday, August 3, 2008

The first week home

It has been a busy, but GREAT week :) Full of lots of FIRSTS for us.
Luckily my mom was here with us for the first few days. It was helpful since Ryan wasn't able to get any time off work :(. Thanks mom :)
We took Jayden to the Dr. THREE times this week. He is gaining weight (8 lbs 12 oz on Friday). He does have a slight heart murmur still- but it's something they say he'll just grow out of. He got circumcised on Friday which was really traumatic for me. I'm sure it was for him too! I decided to stay in the room just to be there for him, but I was a little bit hormonal. I hate hearing my little boy cry. He handled it really well though. He really is a trooper.
His "stump" from his umbilical cord fell off (FINALLY!).
It has only been two weeks, but Jayden seems to have really a good temperment. The only time I have ever heard him cry is when he is hungry or when they were circumsising him. Ryan told me that he heard on the news that from a 10 year study- children of mothers with diabetes were, in most cases, more hyper and energetic. Gurrr, thanks Ryan :-p Jayden SEEMS really really mellow so far- Im hoping that will continue throughout the years.
We have been really blessed this week by people bringing over meals. Or just stopping by with treats and well wishes. I am seriously in love with this neighborhood and all the people in it. We have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity and love we have been shown in the last two weeks. I only hope I'll be able to pay it forward.
Jayden discovered his thumb yesterday- I need to post pictures. He squeaks and grunts a lot. He has a surprisingly strong neck for his age. He already can lift his head (not for an extended period of time). He farts A LOT- and they're really really loud. I am hoping this is just a short phase... :)
Sleep wise- not getting a ton of sleep. :) Im pumping and breastfeeding since I produce A LOT more than he eats- and that's not always comfortable. Plus Im building up a supply in our freezer before we have to return the pump. So Im not getting a ton of sleep. Im not very good at sleeping during the day- and now that the book, Breaking Dawn has come out... sleep has become less of a priority ;)
Got on our insurance account yesterday. JUST for Jayden's stay in the hospital. Not including exams, labs, xrays.... 47,000 dollars submitted to our insurance. We have to pay 20% of that. And that doesn't include all the other stuff :( Doesn't even include my stay at the hospital. So much for trying to be completely out of debt... Oh well. Jayden is worth every penny.. he may not go to college... ;) J/K

Time is passing by quickly. We are really enjoying being parents :) There is NOTHING more beautiful. Im so grateful for our little miracle. I know he must have a pretty important mission on this life considering all the obstacles that were conquered in him getting here :) We are really blessed.


Joanna said...

he is so cute and I am so glad that he is home now. I really need to come over this last week was busy but that is no excuse. Jayden is worth every penny

Holli and Warren said...

He is so stinking Cute! I am so happy for you guys.

-Wes and ValaRee- said...

He will be a great baby if he continues to find his thumb. That seriously is the best! What a sweetheart!

Stephenson and Katie said...

I just LOVE that boy!!! We're gonna come see him again sometime this week :) I'm glad you guys are adjusting well! We miss seeing you all the time but he's definitely worth it!

Holli and Warren said...

Hey babe,
I was so happy when Ryan found you. I thought you were so darling. You are always so sweet to Bridger and Mack. I knew you would make a Great mom!

jamirodana said...

It sounds like everything is going perfectly for your little family.
Jonah had a heart murmur and yes, he grew out of it too.
You might keep on crying when he gets immunizations throughout the year. I always did. I isn't easy seeing your sweet, happy little baby change to super sad and in pain. I hated it.
Good luck with the pumping! Atleast you don't have issues with not producing enough milk, right?
I've heard that is hard.

Holly said...

He is cute...cute....CUTE!!!! What a sweet little guy. I am just sad that I don't live near by to be able to mean HELP!!!

Sue said...

He is adorable! I'm glad he is being such a good baby for you. p.s. you looked so good on Sunday!

Chris and Tara said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to read and comment on this post. He's so darling.
I love that sleep became less of a priority after Breaking Dawn came out. For me, my mind agreed but my body would take over and fall asleep. I'm already reading it again. :)