Friday, April 25, 2008

More updates..

I have been meaning to blog about all of this before- but I haven't had the time to sit down and do it. Well that's a lie- I HAVE had the time- perhaps I lacked the motivation?
Ryan and I decided to save 400 dollars and buy black furniture- I think it will still look really cute. We just got the dresser- and are in the process of ordering the crib

I think they're nice- we got good deals and I do love black!!
I finally got the baby bedding only to realize what I thought was red is actually orange. So I'm in the process of finding some orange accents for the room:

Still cute!! :)

This is the armoire I have been trying to match furniture with- We're just going to use this with the black furniture. I'm sure it'll look fine

I went to Roberts and got some PERFECT wood cutouts of planes, stars, and helicopters. I have been spending the last few days painting them in the colors of the bedding. I've only been able to finish two :(

I'm still trying to figure out how I want to paint the room. I have picked out some colors- but I'm still having a hard time trying to figure out what I want to do. I've gotten a lot of great and completely different ideas... It'll be a surprise for us all. I did email a lady about doing some murals on the wall though- she is really talented so we'll see how much she is going to charge...

Lucky day- I was able to get Bella into the groomers today! She looks gorgeous!! I love my puppy.

I had a mini bday party with Emily, Alex and Kate. Thank you so much you guys. They got me the cutest little baby clothes ever. Lotions and a Scentsy wax warmer. Has anyone ever used those before? They are AMAZING. They work sooooo well. I'm officially addicted. I'm never going back :)

My little brother came home from his mission earlier due to some health issues... So he was able to be there for my family bday party.

We're both so photogenic... :}

And to end- my stinkin Dr. changed my due date to AUG 9TH!!!! Apparently even though all of the ultrasounds he has been measuring to be due Aug 1st.... I had one US at 8 weeks where he was measuring 7 weeks.... I'm not sure if Im going to go along with my Dr's diagnoses or with my gut.. I think I'll go with my gut.. :-D

26 (or 25) weeks!! :)


Holly said...

Look how cute you are!!!!

I love what you are doing with the baby room so far, and I can't wait to see it when it's done!!!! I just can't get over being excited for you guys!!!

Stephenson and Katie said...

Tiff I LOVE the crib!! Sooo cute! And I think black is awesome- I can't wait to see the finished product :) and you're little bump is so cute....

anthony, gina, aria & lincoln said...

Tiff-I got those orange baskets at the Dollar Store! Can you believe it? I know. Hopefully they still have some for you. Anyway, yes yours and Tara's names were on the card...I'm the slacker with getting out the rest of my thank you cards! I'm so sorry! Your cards are literally sitting in my car right as we speak. I'm so grateful to you both for going in on that for me and Lincoln! Thanks so much! And I promise your cards are coming. :)

Chris and Tara said...

So cute. I am, of course, talking about Bella :) You look adorable too. I think the crib is beautiful. Good choice of color.

Abe, Nicole, Jacob, & Logan said...

That's funny, my due date for Logan was Aug. 9th--he was luckily born on July 29th, so there's hope! Hang in there, it's about to get much worse... :o)

RN2B said...
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Ariel said...

the room is going to be so cute! i really love the airplane you got from tai pan. sooo fun! love the belly shot.

Joanna said...

I love the furniture it is so cute. I love black furniture. His room is going to look so awesome. I tagged you on my blog so you should check it out and have fun.