Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Cleaning...

I love my husband, I love him dearly... but AGH!!! I spent around 8 hours cleaning on Saturday. He was working on finishing our laundry room and 1/2 bath so I didn't expect him to help or anything. I woke up this morning and found three different coats hanging in random places.. One on the stairs, one on the railing dividing the kitchen and family room, and another hanging on our bed post. They were all his coats. 3 coats in 2 days? The kitchen counter was covered in Newspaper ads. Our counter is loooong 8-12 feet? And from end to end... ads. Then I go to put away his clothes I just folded only to find 2 pairs of shoes, pajama pants, shorts, 2 shirts, one sweater, and two pairs of pants on a pile next to his side of the bed... it has only been two days!! ... this pile was right next to the laundry hamper. What the heck? Anyway- I'm done with my rant.

I'm thinking starting next weekend I'm going to take one room a day and thoroughly clean it. Clean the window tracts, vacuum under furniture, vacuum the heating vents, and ducts, clean the molding, and touch up paint. I'll take two days and clean out all our kitchen cupboards and drawers. Then I'll take a week and clean out our crawl space. And after I'm done.. I'm going to hire a maid ;)

Since family has been asking I will give an update about the pregnancy and my diabetes. So far so good. :) I felt the baby move last week. It is the only movement I have felt so far. I pretty much scared our baby to death. Milo, Emily's dog, had gotten a hold of the tissues and was making a huge mess. When I saw him I said in deep, loud voice "MILO! NO!" I haven't ever used that tone of voice since the baby developed his hearing- and I guess it scared the baby. The very next moment, it felt like my stomach was flipping out. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was neat :) My stomach is sticking out a little bit more- I can't fit into any of my old jeans. But I bought a few maternity pants, and a couple of jeans from AE that are a few sizes bigger.
My blood sugars are in EXCELLENT control :) I found a really great diabetes educator. I see them once a month, and I email my blood sugars to them weekly. They're really on top of things, and really understand how my pump works so it has been an amazing blessing. I've been getting a lot of low blood sugars which has been a little rough, especially when it happens when I'm not at home. But I always keep fruit snacks with me. I have another Dr. Appt on Wednesday. They might do an ultrasound?
In about 3 weeks I'll be going to Primary Children's hospital where they will do some tests on the baby's heart. I'm not sure why they're doing it- or what all is involved- but I'll let you know :)
On the job front- we're still looking and waiting. 28 more days. Hopefully something will show up soon! Our only debts are the truck, and the house. And we have been saving a lot of money so if something does happen we have a decent security blanket.
Anyway- that's the update thus far. According to my last ultrasound I am about 18 or 19 weeks along. 18-20 weeks to go depending on when they induce me!!


Stephenson and Katie said...

yay I am soooo glad you can come!!!! I dont know what's going on afterwards- maybe American Idol?! heck yeah!!

Ariel & Sean said...

i need to do some cleaning like that! i'm so happy that you felt your baby move! that's SOO fun!

Chris and Tara said...

I feel your pain with the clothes on the side of the bed and coats everywhere. But I suppose if that is his biggest fault I can live with it :)
I would love to have you send me those pictures from Lonestar. Woohoo. And yes, our camera focus is pretty bad. But we have tried taking pictures on the road and it doesn't work out that well. The bugs on the windshield tend to get in the way.
If you will officially tag me then I will do your ABC's. But none of this generic "if your're on my list" crap. I want a tag specifically for me. Whada ya say? Am I tagged?
Sorry we didn't see you Monday night. Arnie and Kathy left about half an hour ago with the kids so... it's not our fault. Talk to you soon.

emily Redd said...

Tiffany, I can relate on the cleaning issue. My house was thoroughly cleaned and then the twins make a mess within an hour or Kimball gets out dishes and newspaper and leaves them all over, what is the deal? I'm excited that you felt the baby move while you were yelling at Milo, ha! See you on Wednesday.

Ariel & Sean said...

i think their last name is medina

Joanna McGuire said...

I am glad things are going good with your pregnancy. The cleaning house thing can be stressful when you live with a man. They leave their stuff everywhere.