Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The last week

Things have been good. I have been feeling pretty good. I think I might be getting a slight cold, so I have been trying to sleep more. Ryan has been SO helpful around the house- I'm really grateful for him :) Still no news in the job department. We're praying and looking daily so hopefully something will come up. We're trying to decide on boy names.... Right now we're thinking Alec, Brayden... hmm, there are about 5 other names but we didn't write them down and I can't remember.

Today I bought baby clothes! I thought I would wait a couple more months.. but no.. I went to Smith's Marketplace- and they had these CUTE baby boy clothes. Most were Carters and Oshkosh... So normally "mucho dinero" BUT they were on clearance since they were winter clothes... PLUS 70% off the lowest marked price. SCORE!! Since the baby won't be able to wear them until winter, I got them in 4-6 month and 6-9 month. I was pretty excited about the good deals :) I love sales- they make me happy.

This weekend we went down to my family's house to celebrate Josh's birthday. My little baby brother turned 11!!! I remember when we first adopted him. He has been such a joy in my life- and of course to the family. He is a freaking basketball star and at 11 years old he is almost as tall as I am!

He's handsome....

...When he wants to be...

Anyway- Happy Birthday Joshua!! We love you!!!

Yesterday we got to go out to eat to celebrate Tara, Anthony, and Megan's Birthday, who are friends from the ward. It was a lot of fun. It was good to get to know people better and fun to witness the rib eating contest. Congrats Stephenson. :)


Stephenson and Katie said...

Cute post- I already buy baby clothes and I'm not even pregnant so it's all good! I'm so excited for you!

Katie said...

Hey Tiffany! We had fun the other night! We'll have to do it again sometime! Good luck with the bedding, I'm not a very good at making decisions either...but once I saw the quilt--I loved it! And trust me it goes by so fast!! Before you know it you will be packing your bag for the hospital! AGHGHGH!

Kev, Meg and Ty said...

Hey Tiff-
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, it was fun to get to know you guys too, we will have to get together again. And I just want to say Congratulations...and I'm glad that things are going so well. I just read your story today and it was very moving for me. We had an extremely difficult time getting pregnant and I know the stress that comes from that. So good luck with everything and remember little boys are lots of fun!
Love, Megs

Gina, Antz, & Aria said...

So here's your blog! are you feeling? You're doing excellent with leading in RS. :) Did you hear who is the 2nd Chorister? You guys will trade off every other Sunday. I'll call you.