Monday, November 19, 2007


All right so there are pictures below of the BEFORE/AFTER of our house. Ryan has done a lot of work on the house and it looks so good! I'm glad I married a handyman. I decided to put all my decorations up. Actually, they're not ALL up, but the majority of them are.. so yay :) We still need to put up our Christmas tree, but we'll wait till after Thanksgiving. We're planning on going all out this year for Christmas lights, but it's going to be all Ryan because as I recall I suck at putting lights up.
Steven is flying out Ecuador this afternoon. I was thinking about surprising him at the airport since technically with my job I could get into the gate area... but he's not supposed to see family. so I decided against it. I do miss that boy though. I know he'll do well on his mission!
Lets see- the Marykay party I hosted went well. There weren't a lot of people who came which I was kind of bummed about. But it was a Friday night... And as Ryan reminded me, I have been invited the 4 of those "parties" in the last four weeks and haven't gone to any of them. ...Oh well. I got a good discount and my house is clean! :)
On Saturday I had a girls "day" out with Amy, Jessic and Jaimie. It was a lot of fun. We made wreaths, gingerbread houses, and ornaments. I would post pictures of my gingerbread house but... it's pretty ugly :) ... That and I forgot to bring the camera.
Today is going to be crazy busy which is kind of a bummer because I have slept about 12 hours in the last three days. (Darn the graveyard shift) I have a baby shower at 11, Denist at 2, We're going over to a neighbors house for dinner at six. And sometime between all that I need to go to the store and buy drinks for the shower, and a salad for the dinner. ...Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in an hour or two of sleep at some point today. I don't function well without sleep!!! :) I'm also hoping to go down to the adoption agency today to give them more paper work and find out of the background check has gone through yet!!

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JGP said...

Your house looks really cute! Zach and I drove by and saw all your elves. They are adorable, and you lights looked great too!